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 Duration: 26.09.2011 - 15.10.2011

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Call for Abstracts


December, 2011 (exact date TBA)

Conference theme

Historical analysis brings us to the issue that social protection (rights), a man's social status, is determined by his level of participation in society. The introduction of the market economy in post-Soviet countries led to obvious institutional changes - ownership of property, protected by civil rights, was introduced; establishment of a modern election system for the President, members of Parliament and municipality representatives (a new body for Azerbaijan, introduced in 1999). In terms of social rights, the most significant change has resulted from the economic need to shift from universal systems of welfare towards a more targeted system of support.

Social Protection Conference will be held on a national level at targeting civil society, NGOs and State bodies, to come together for the purposes to learn more about Social Protection and Policy-making, with regards to the 5 (five) typical areas of social policy such as housing, education, health, social security/employment and personal social services. Another objective of the conference is to invite presentations from NGOs, researchers and academicians working in these fields, who can present needs-based evidence and policy recommendations and to discuss the key issues in these five areas. There will five panels per each social policy area mentioned above.

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract for a presentation and/or the production of your research on the following areas describing situations/cases/policies/policy recommendations from/about Azerbaijan:

1. Housing;
2. Education;
3. Health;
4. Social security/employment;
5. Personal social services.

What are Abstracts?

Abstracts are brief summaries of the presentations. The abstract should include background and aim of the project, brief description of methods, results and a conclusion. Abstracts essentially answer four questions:

1. What was the problem and the aim of the project?
2. Which methods did the author(s) use to find a solution of the problem?
3. What was discovered as a result of the research or practice?
4. What can be generalized or learned from these results?

Criteria for Review:

The following criteria will be used to ascertain that the abstracts are acceptable.

1. Relevance: topic is relevant to the themes of the conference.
2. Knowledge contribution: abstract builds on and expands previous work/literature/theories.
3. Innovativeness: material shared is up-to-date, innovative and will lead to future advancement in social work and social development.
4. Clarity: abstract is clearly presented and includes all essential information.


" Deadline for abstracts is 15th of October, 2011.

" Abstract should be submitted to these e-mails: Aytakin Huseynli at and Gwendolen Burchell at

" Acknowledgement of receipt of your submission will be sent within 24 hours to the e-mail address stated under section "Contact details".

" Notification on acceptance of the abstracts will be e-mailed to the contact person at the end of October 2011.

" The contact person will receive all correspondence concerning the abstract. The contact person is responsible for informing the authors of the status of the abstract. The e-mail address of the contact person will be printed in the abstract book.

" Abstracts should preferably be written in English, but we also welcome abstracts and presentations in Azeri and Russian.

" It is the author's responsibility to submit a correct abstract; any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.

" Abstracts should be no more than maximum 300 words.

Organizers of the conference are The European Union, UAFA, CIE, HWA, OSI and ADECRI

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