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 Announcement - Installation of structured cabling facility at ICRC Barda office (ICRC)

 Duration: 21.09.2015 - 06.10.2015


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Delegation in Azerbaijan is soliciting quotations for the installation of structured cabling facility in Barda Sub-Delegation office.

For this purpose we are sending you the following ICRC standard tender documents:

Kindly familiarise yourself with the attached documents carefully and forward us your questions related with these documents by email. All the participants of the tender will be provided with the same explanations in written based on your questions.

We have prepared Annex 2 Bill of Quantities (BOQ) as a template for all the participating companies for follow the same standard while preparing their quotation, We expect you to fill in the template as required, stamp it and send us in sealed envelope. You may add some lines (rows) to this table according to your need.

Pls note that we will not accept any offer by email, your quotation must be in a sealed envelop and handed over to either our security responsible person in the ICRC delegation compound or left in the tender box at the reception part of the ICRC office building at 75, Fatalikhan Khoyski avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan.

We kindly encourage you to meet the tender closing deadline as described in the RfQ document (Deadline- 06.10.2015). otherwise your offer will not be considered!

We thank you in advance for your time and efforts spent on accepting our RFQ and submission of your BEST quotation to ICRC for the services your company provides.

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