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 Job - Counsellor (UMCOR)

 Duration: 27.11.2003 - 05.12.2003


Post Title : Counsellor (Durable Solutions)
Organisation : UMCOR
Duration : 1 year, (possible renewable)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To interview refugees and persons of concern to know their protection needs and determine appropriate settlement solution suitable for their needs.
  • The main focus of the duties and responsibilities are:
    1. Voluntary repatriation
    2. Resettlement
    3. Local integration
The Counsellor will have a dual reporting line to UMCOR (Head of Mission) and UNHCR (Snr. Protection Officer).

Special requirements:

  • Able to establish good relationship with refugees and persons of concern in order to encourage them disclose their needs.
  • Demonstrates ability to provide helpful advice and guidance to refugees on appropriate durable solutions. Provides useful information to Afghans regarding voluntary repatriation and situation in Afghanistan.
  • Is well aware of UNHCR policies to direct refugees and to forward information obtained to the right units/services in order to find appropriate solutions to their needs.
  • Able to absorb as much information as necessary from UNHCR staff on their scope of work with the aim to provide firsthand and clear information to refugees to avoid mis-information and frustration.
  • Capable of organizing well-managed counselling processes, to ensure accurate reporting on needs of the persons of concern, especially the most vulnerable ones.

Qualifications and Experience:
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent in legal, social or other relevant subject and 1 year of working experience in humanitarian field.
  • Practical experience from working on issues related to international protection of refugees and asylum seekers and of relevant issues in Azerbaijan/ regional context.
  • Good computer skills (Word, Excel, Access).
  • Fluent in spoken Farsi.
  • Fluent in spoken and written Azeri and Russian, and English.

Ability to prepare written reports and conduct interviews in a clear and concise manner. Demonstrate flexibility and good knowledge of issues related to international protection and refugee issues in order to communicate easily with refugees, embassies, NGOs, etc. Ability to work in a multiracial environment.

For those who have already applied please do not re-submit CV. Only applicants who have all three of the following language abilities will be considered: English, Farsi, and Russian. Women are encouraged to apply.
CV should be emailed by December 05, 2003 to:

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