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 Job - Experts (HSRP)

 Duration: 21.12.2006 - 29.12.2006

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The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Health Sector Reform Project.

The Project Implementation Unit invites an application from candidates with sound technical education to join its Working Groups at expert capacities in following six sub-components of the proposed project:

1. Strengthening Pharmaceuticals Policy and Management - 2 positions.

Under this sub -component, support will be provided to develop a national drug policy and to strengthen the capacity of the MOH Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Unit to develop and monitor the effective management of the national drug policy, including the institutionalization of an essential drug list, standard treatment protocols, the development of the necessary legislative and regulatory framework,as well as development of procedures and tools for rational drug use, including the training of staff and the establishment of a Drug Information and Monitoring Department in the MOH.

2. Quality Assurance And Accreditation of Health Facilities - 1 position

Under this sub -component, support will be provided to develop an accreditation and licensing system for both public and private health facilities and set up a mechanism for quality control and assurance of healthcare services. Assistance will be provided to establish an Accreditation Unit and a Licensing Unit in the MOH.

3. Strengthening the Health Information System - 1 position

Under this sub -component the MOH capacity will be built to monitor the health of the population and the performance of the health sector as well as to review the currently functioning health information system and develop recommendations to improve it. The implementation of this sub-component will be closely linked with the functioning of the HPPU.

4. Strengthening Primary Healthcare Services - 1 position

Under this sub-component improvement in the provision of primary healthcare services in pilot districts will be supported through the following activities:
(i) appraisals of selected facilities will be carried out which will provide information on the necessary inputs (goods, civil works, training, etc); (ii) necessary detailed specifications and architectural designs will be prepared to cover all selected facilities; (iii) sites will be provided for civil works; (iv) a business plan for each facility will be prepared which will outline how each facility will maintain the equipment provided as well as how it plans to finance recurrent operating costs; (v) doctor and nurse re-training programs will be developed and investments made in the central and regional re-training facilities (civil works, equipment and training materials); and (vi) training of General Practice trainers will be undertaken (including study tours) with a subsequent training of all district level staff.

5. Upgrading Inpatient Care Services -1 position

This sub-component intends to support improving quality of hospital based services in the pilot districts through upgrading of physical hospital infrastructure, training of clinicians and hospital managers through the workshops and study tours.

6. Human Resources Development- 2 positions.

This component will address the long term human resource needs of the health sector through: (i) strengthened health workforce policy and planning capacity; and (ii) improved under-graduate education and post-graduate training programs.

Job description: responsible, self-disciplined team member that will work closely with Project Coordinators in day to day activities.


  • Relevant University Degree or equivalent, corresponding to the field of the assignment;
  • General experience with implementation of the sector wide projects; experience with international project would be an asset;
  • Fluency in English
  • Computer skills
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Ability to travel within of Azerbaijan.

Interested applicants should send their CV to indicating the sub-component name applied for in the subject line.

Application Deadline: December 29, 2006.


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