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 Job seeker - Vusal Hamzayev

 City Baku
 Address AZ1033 Montin, st. Demiryol 1/2
 Phones +994 50 631 92 60
 Experience Employment period: 25.2001 - 19.2003
 Employer: International Eurasia Press Fund
 Position: Co-ordinator on mass-media
 Responsibilities: to collect information and maintain contacts with some organizations for the information exchange

 Employment period: 03.2001 - 31.2001
 Employer: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
 Position: Translator
 Responsibilities: to translate official documents and mails, and interpreting

 Employment period: 12.2001 - 09.2001
 Employer: BBC Baku Service
 Position: Correspondent
 Responsibilities: to take interviews, to make reportage and to prepare radio program.
 Languages Azeri - excellent
 English - excellent
 Russian - good
 French - weak
 Education Education period: 2002 - present
 Institution: Azerbaijan University of Languages
 Degree: Master
 Major: European Studies

 Education period: 1998 - 2002
 Institution: Azerbaijan University of Languages
 Degree: Bachelor
 Major: European Studies
 Interests to collect moneys of different countries

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