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 Job seeker - Vanessa BALCI

 City Baku
 Address Xaqani 15/31
 Phones 986526
 Experience Employment period: 01.2001 - 03.2001
 Employer: Care International ?Ingushetia, Psychosocial assistance to children refugees
 Position: Security issues and project development officer
 Responsibilities: Needs assessment and program design, recruitment, training and supervision, translation, negotiation

 Employment period: 05.2000 - 09.2000
 Employer: M?decins Sans Fronti?res ? Ingushetia and Chechnya, medical emergency
 Position: Program Officer
 Responsibilities: Program design, mission?s administrative and logistic set up, recruitment, training and supervision,
 Languages French - excellent
 English - excellent
 Russian - good
 Turkish - good
 Education Education period: 09.2001 - 12.2001
 Institution: Sorbonne, Paris I
 Degree: Master
 Major: Master degree (DESS) in Development Work and International Cooperation

 Education period: 09.1995 - 06.1997
 Institution: INALCO, Paris
 Degree: Master
 Major: Master degree (DESS), Diplomacy and International Relations
 Interests The attached r?sum? hopefully reflects my involvement in emergency and development work, as the professional choice I made and had the chance to confirm in the field, working for MSF and CARE International in Central Asia and Northern Caucasus. I experienced those organisations? operational capacities while I increased my awareness to community values and humanitarian principles.
Therefore, I would especially appreciate to get involved in the field in Azerbaijan, as :
- currently living in Baku, I plan to stay at least a couple of years in Azerbaijan, and a long stay facilitates institutional memory and continuity.
- for having worked in Chechnya and Uzbekistan, I have a three-years experience in emergency and development work in the field and I am familiar with international NGOs procedures and work culture and can surely capitalise quickly on the program?s past achievements.
- given my educational background and besides sufficient working abilities in Russian, Turkish and of course English, I am familiar with the regional and local context and know how to adapt my work methods to meet objectives.
I have the strong willingness to commit myself to NGO work to reinforce my competences, and take on responsibilities but I am also highly motivated by taking on challenges, improving methods, confronting ideals to feasibility and efficiency and in the end move the NGO ideal forward.

? Getting to know people : Xinjiang, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, 99; Iran, Turkmenistan, Turkey 97,02, Central Europe 90-95, Morocco 95, Egypt 87.
? Portraying people: Photo exhibition in the French Institute of Research on Central Asia, Tashkent.
? Hand dressmaking with traditional ikats and oriental silks.

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