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 Meeting - Interagency Community Development Meeting minutes (MC)

 Meeting date: 25.04.2002


Venue: Mercy Corps conference room
Chairperson: Ms. Pervana Mamedova, SFDI

Attendee list: Name Organization
Pervana Mammadova SFDI
Vafa Asadova SFDI
Sabir Akhmedov SFDI
Ziba Guliyeva Mercy Corps
Vafa Asadova Mercy Corps
Fuad Mamedov HAYAT
Israil Iskenderov UMID
Elnur Aliyev IRC
Lutful Kabir NRTC
Yasin Dadashev NRC
Irada Ahmedova UNDP
Ilkana Hasanova IFRC
Gulbaniz Ganbarova CHF
Gulnara Mamedova CHF
Vafa Abbasova NRC
Kamala Yagubova Pathfinder
Ulfat Mehtiyev WV
Jhale Mamedova IOM
Ramiz Behbudov IOM
Sevinj Huseynova ACH


1. Agenda: The participants of the meeting adopted the agenda
2. Minutes from the March meeting were adopted.
3. Discussion on "Implementation of Micro-projects and its challenges". Israil Iskenderov from UMID suggested Ms. Pervana Mamedova to speak about challenges of SFDI in identification of communities. Ms. Pervana Mamedova gave some information about work procedures of SFDI before speaking about problems. According to the procedures stated in SFDI Operational Manual communities either can submit a CMP proposal on their own initiative or thorough the SFDI's promotion campaign which is being delegated to the "intermediary NGOs". But the intermediary NGOs should provide support to the SFDI activities on voluntary basis. These NGOs should have a financing agreement with another donor which allows it to commit some of its community development work to the SFDI program. In the first stage of the promotion campaign SFDI has received several proposals form such NGOs as Umid, Sulh, Care International, IRC, NRC, etc. According to the Credit Agreement signed between World Bank and Government of Azerbaijan SFDI can not cover overhead expenses of intermediary agencies. Due to this fact in the following stages of the promotion campaign the NGOs stopped providing support to SFDI in coordination with communities. SFDI should follow procedures of both World Bank and Government of Azerbaijan. According to these procedures preparation works for implementation of the micro-project takes about 145 days. SFDI coordinates its every step with the concerned organization (for example, State Procurement Committee, State Construction Department, etc.). All these delay SFDI's work.
Mr. Elnur Aliyev from IRC noted that there is gap between SFDI and communities and NGOs can fill up this gap.
Israil Iskenderov suggested SFDI to make presentation for the representatives of the communities and organizations and give them detailed information about operational procedures of SFDI. He assured that SFDI could find people in these organizations that would be volunteered for assistance SFDI in coordination with communities.

4. Miscellaneous
1. Announcement: Community Development Manual Project by Mr.Lutful Kabir: Community Development actors are working without a guidebook and without methodical approach. A few months ago such organizations as NRC, Umid, Hayat, CHF and NRTC are decided to establish an informal group and that group is called Community Development Initiative group. This is an informal group right now however they have a mandate. In order to achieve their mandate they eventually have to become a formal group. What is the Community Development Initiative group's mandate? The first item is to prepare a Community Development manual, which will guide community mobilizers and community leaders in undertaking community development program. Once this community development manual is ready the second stage is go out in the field, share the knowledge of community manual and train the community mobilizers. The third stage is very important. This is a stage where they are hoping to establish a community development resource center. That will require lots of commitment and lots of money. In that point the group can become a formal organization.

2. Announcement: Training program on Women for Conflict Prevention and Peace Building in the Southern Caucasus by UNIFEM: The UNIFEM project, "Women for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding in the Southern Caucasus", is pleased to inform you that the project is prepared to begin its countrywide training campaign aimed at supporting and building the skills of women in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and peacebuilding at the grassroots level. The same activity is scheduled for Armenia and Georgia. Within the project framework, sincere efforts are being made to include all districts of Azerbaijan. The activity will be implemented through several national NGOs that have already received training in the subject matter. This is a very large training campaign and approximately 1200 individuals throughout the districts of Azerbaijan will receive training in conflict resolution, conflict prevention and peacebuilding (and the importance of women in the process) between May and November 2002. As the project envisions several training sessions for the IDP communities in different IDP camps (approximately 300 persons), it is appreciated if you would provide us with the information regarding the names of the most active women who you know from your previous working experience.

5. Topic of the next meeting will be the same as for last meeting: "Implementation of micro-projects and its challenges.

6. Chairperson for next meeting. Israil Iskenderov from UMID volunteered to chair the next meeting.

7. Next meeting is set for: Friday, 31 May, 2002 at 10.00 a.m., at Mercy Corps conference room.

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