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 Meeting - Outline of the Minutes (WVI)

 Meeting date: 29.09.2003

Meeting of the Child Coalition - September 15, 2003
Outline of the Minutes

1. Addressee of the Package of suggestions. Member organizations of the Child Coalition discussed the potential addressees to whom the Package of Suggestion could be sent. It was decided to send it to those governmental representatives who are directly working with Minors Commission. Representatives of the Child Coalition are supposed to sign the package of Suggestions.

2. The Package of Suggestion. Majority of member organizations read the Package of Suggestions and agreed to its submission to Minors Commission. Mr McIntyre noted that the Child Coalition's selected members did a good job on drawing up of the Package of Suggestions.

3. Future work of Child Coalition. Mr McIntyre noted that future work of the Child Coalition could develop in various ways. One of them could be cooperating with the government according to how it is outlined in the diagram of Integrated Services to Children and Families, i.e. five areas like access, training, resources, advocacy, and services. Another way of cooperation with the government would be working with children in different groups such as street children, institutionalized children, IDPs, children with disabilities, etc. For example, the working group on development of preschool education can be developed with the Child Coalition. Mr McIntyre shared that the diagram of Integrated Services to Children and Families could be used as a tool for project development on cooperation with the government.

Minutes were taken by Gula Aliyeva

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