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 Meeting - Minutes from Childrens Coalition (WVI)

 Meeting date: 01.12.2003

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Minutes from Children's Coalition,

1.) Presentation from the task group on problems of children with disabilities.

2.) Discussion/comments/additions to the presentation:
-Officially the services provided by the state rehabilitation center for children with disabilities are supposed to be free of charge. However, in reality the clients are often charged for the services at this center. The disability assistance benefits received by the families from the government are usually not enough to cover the treatment expenses.
-The representatives of 2 local NGOs think it's illegal for a state agency to charge money for the services.
-However, the WV Director added that there are many countries in the world where people have to pay for such services and it depends on the country what model it chooses.

3.) Question for the group: "If you as an NGO start developing/providing services, how should you be paid for the services to maintain sustainability?"
-A representative of BUTA NGO: grants are the only way for NGOs to survive services and all services should be free. A representative of another NGO suggested to charge clients for services.
-Suggestion from WV director: combining the variety of financial sources can help NGOs become sustainable.
-A representative of BUTA: NGOs should closely cooperate with the government because after the funding provided by International Organizations is over, they can start receiving grants from the state budget.
WV Director: in the US, the government sometimes gives grants to NGOs, however, sometimes the governmental agencies provide these services themselves. The role of NGOs is to get together and tell the government what they believe should be changed (e.g. new services for a specific group of population should be introduced; the level of current services should be improved).

4.) WV Director: By getting together NGOs can also teach each other new terminology. The participants are asked to explain what two terms (psychological rehabilitation and community-based rehabilitation) mean. The discussion demonstrated that sometimes different terms are used to describe the same things or sometimes people understand the same term differently. Therefore, one of the steps of improving services is to become clear in terminology.

5.) WV Director: if you are planning to train different groups of people (doctors, teachers, etc), will the content of these trainings going to be the same or different?

6.) WV Director: What methods are used in Azerbaijan to classify disability? The participants couldn't answer the question. WV Director talked about DSM-IV (Diagnostic Statistic Manual) and ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) as the examples of internationally accepted methods of diagnosing the mental problems. Without using the proper diagnostic / assessment methods, it's almost impossible to develop effective treatment models.

7.) Using correct terminology is very important. Using such terms as "defectology" or "invalid" (referring to a person with disabilities) is not correct and can create a negative attitude toward people you work with.

8.) The next coalition meeting will take place on December 1st at 4 pm. A group presentation on abused children will be given at this meeting.

Notes taken by Leila Ismayilova, Center for Pyshcological Counseling

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