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 Meeting - Coalition Minutes (WVI)

 Meeting date: 22.12.2003

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The meeting of Childrens Coalition with the participation of Azerbaijani NGOs working with children

Baku December 22, 2003

On December 22, 2003, at the office of the international NGO World Vision there was held the regular meeting of Childrens Coalition with the participation of the representatives of organizations working with the children of special needs.

The participants were:

1. World Vision
2. United Aid for Azerbaijan
3. LOTOS Center for the Problems of Invalids
4. Social Union of Social-economic Research
5. Center of Street Children
6. Organization of Umid Yeri
7. Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union
8. Center for Psychological Counseling
9. The League for Protection of Childrens Rights
10. Dejeller Puppet Show Theatre


1. To finsih the presentation on violated/neglected children
2. Administrative issues (interpretation, note-taking, frequency of meetings)
3. The conference of UNICEF on deinstitutionalization
4. Letter to the Minors Commission at the Cabimet of Ministers
5. Discussion about the organization of Special Olympic games in Azerbaijan

The presentation on the access and resources issues of violated and neglected children was finished. It is obvious that there is lack of specialists (psychologists, advocates) and also a lack of information on these issues (i.e. there are no statistics on childrens death, violence, children leaving their homes, etc.). It was also noted that the state program on children does not cover all of these issues.

One of the participants noted that an inquiry held at one secondary school for IDP and refugee children showed that most of them had been violated by their teachers. They suggested that for battling this problem it is necessary to keep inform and cooperate with governmental organizations and fight against physical and moral violence together.

As for the second item on the agenda, it was agreed that the representatives of the Coalition would share the translating and note-taking responsibilities.

As for the UNICEF conference, the participants decided to participate in the conference and to send declaration signed by all the members of Childrens Coalition. Also, there was suggested to continue the work of different groups within the Coalition in preparation for the UNICEF conference (including collecting all necessary documents and avoiding criticizing state bodies).

They suggested addressing the participants of the UNICEF conference on accepting the state law on deinstitutionalization of children.

The fourth item (Letter to the Minors Commission) was discussed and it was decided to readdress the Commission.

The fifth item was not discussed.


To hold the next meeting of the participants of Childrens Coalition on January 12, 2004 at 16:00 at the office of World Vision;
To invite Mr. Elchin Efendiyev to the meeting of Childrens Coalition;
To improve the level of training program of teachers for avoiding childrens violation in the future;
To invite the state officials to the meetings of Childrens Coalition;
There was suggested to achieve broadcasting of 30-minute weekly program on TV with the purpose of enlightening the society on childrens issues.
Also, one of participants suggested holding trainings on childrens rights in special schools.

The notes taken by:

The representative of Lotos Center for the Problems of Invalids
Ali Akhmedov

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