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 Meeting - The meeting of Children's Coalition (WVI)

 Meeting date: 12.01.2004

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The meeting of Childrens Coalition with the participation of Azerbaijani NGO-s working
with children

Baku city

On 12.01.2004, the next meeting of the Coalition was held at the office of World Vision INGO.

The meeting attended:
1. World Vision
3. Street children Center
4. Psychological Counseling Center
5. Republican Children Organization
6. Caspian psychical health association
7. Mushfig
8. Internews
9. The League for Protection of Childrens Rights
11. Association of Social - Economic Research of Azerbaijan
13. Save the children

Meeting agenda:
1. Namig Heydarovs presentation on Internews
2. Letter of invitation to the Cabinet of Ministers
3. Administration issues
a) Meeting on January 26
b) Trainings on capacity building

The meeting started with Namig Heydarovs presentation. He said that Internews acts in 37 countries of the world (mostly in the third world countries) and it is an organization supporting Mass Media. Internews has been acting in Azerbaijan for 7 years in the field of developing independent press. It is collaborating with TV, radio and printing press.
Then there was displayed 2 minutes informative reel about Internews. Namig Heydarov also gave information about programs Crossroads and Media and me broadcast on Space TV, Divide one by two broadcast on ANS TV and News + broadcast on Ganja TV produced by Internews.
Then, one release of Crossroads was demonstrated the producers of which had been completely young journalists. He said that 15 pupils selected among pupils of the secondary school N: 27 were trained within 2 months, consequently 3 of them won the competition for producing this program and the same 3 pupils produced the program.
Hamig Heydarov also mentioned that Crossroads is broadcast in three Caucasus countries Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. Answering the question how they could help to highlight any problem globally, he said that News part of the program Crossroads could include such problems and he suggested us to contact them.
But answering the question how they recruited children to projects; he marked the considerable support by Dahi Child organization.
About the availability on recruiting children with special needs to such projects; he told about the availability of some releases including problems of such children and broadcasting information about them.
The next question was how they collected information for social programs and if it was paid.
Namig Heydarov mentioned that that service was unpaid and if the news very interesting, it is received and broadcast. For it, it is required to contact with the producers of programs:
Kenan Guluzadeh Crossroads
Zeynal Mammadli Divide one by two
Khayal Taghiyev Media and me
Namig Heydarov noted that Internews produces newspapers in Ganja, Nakhchivan and Lankaran and finalized his speech.
Then the question about the letters of invitation to E. Afandiyev, A. Hasanov and R. Ibrahimbayov to invite them to one of the next meetings of the Coalition was considered. The letter decided to be sent without making any additions or changes. Discussing the third question, the coalition decided to appeal to UNICEF and CTC for holding trainings on Government relations, Rights of the Child. Then, it was suggested to include discussions on working structure and action plan of Coalition into the agenda of the next meeting.

It was decided:
To send the letter of invitation to E. Afandiyev, A. Hasanov and R. Ibrahimbayov to invite them to one of the meetings planned to be held on February 9 or 23.
To appeal to UNICEF and CTC for organizing trainings to have capacity building on Government relations, Rights of the Child.
The next meeting is planned to hold at World Vision office on January 26.

The minutes was taken by:
Ulviyya Mirzayeva

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