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 Program Resume - Constitution of the NGOs Forum of the Republic of Azerbaijan (NNF)

 Duration: 31.12.1998 - 29.11.2002
 Location: Baku
 Sectors: Community development

Registered :
In the Colleges
Of the Ministry of
Justice of Azerbaijan Republic
Adopted :
At the Adoption
Meeting of the
NGOs Forum
Minister: S.J. Hasanova President: A. Quliyev
-------------- 1999-cu il ----------------- 1999-cu il

Constitution of the NGOs Forum of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Baku 1999

1. General

1.1 NGO Forum of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter Forum) is a voluntarily based union of NGOs, acting in the public sector of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

1.2 Forum acts according to the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, International Law norms and this Constitution.

1.3 The name of the Forum:

In Azeri - ;
In Russian ;
In English The Forum of NGO of the Republic of Azerbaijan (NGO FORUM).

1.4 As a legal entity, Forum possesses independent balance, property, bank accounts, round stamp and other requisites.

1.5 Forum can enter into international public units, have direct contacts, sign agreements and contracts which are not forbidden or prohibited by the present legislative acts.

1.6 Forum in its activity is based on the principles of voluntarily, equality, respect of their independence, ruling, and mutual and equal cooperation of the member organizations.

1.7 Legal address of the Forum:

85 Salatin Askerova Street
Baku, Azerbaijan
Tel: (99412) 97-34-30
Tel: (99412) 97-34-72

2. Aims, Objectives and Activities of the FORUM.

2.1 Aim of the Forum:

  • Development and problem solving of NGOs, contacts establishment and coordination of the activities of the third sector of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

2.2 Objectives of the Forum:

  • To Form the social sector of the Republic of Azerbaijan according to the modern needs and create conditions for improvement of the role and strengthen the activities of NGOs ;
  • To use the intern experience in establishment of NGOs, make the activities of these organizations appropriate to the international standards;
  • Solve the problems in the establishment of NGOs;
  • Assist in the improvement of the cooperation between NGO-s and Governmental Organizations (structures);
  • Assist in forming the civil society and the protection and improvement of the intuitiveness of the citizens;
  • Plan and implement programs and projects in the fields important for country development;
  • Represent interests and protect the rights of the member organizations on national and international level;
  • To succeed in the solidarity of the organizations in solving of the communion general issues ;
  • To spread positive work experience of NGOs;
  • To work in the economy field to implement its aims and objectives;
  • Implement other activities which are not prohibited by the law.

2.3 Forms of activity of the Forum:

  • Distribute the information about the aim and activity, to create mass media and publishing organs according to the law;
  • Take part in the publication and media works, publish bulletins, books and etc;
  • Establish data base, collect the information about the NGOs acting in various countries, share experience and cooperate;
  • To do research, public inquiries, courses and seminars, round tables and meetings, exhibitions, conferences, charity, cultural and massive activities, etc;
  • To organize activities on international level;
  • To establish contacts with organizations abroad, to share information and have an exchange of information and representation (representatives);
  • To use other forms of activities which are not prohibited by the law.

3. Membership

3.1 Any collective of NGOs working in the Republic of Azerbaijan, which accepts this constitution, may become the member of the Forum.

3.2 Membership for the Forum can be implemented in collective (form) way.

3.3 Membership for the Forum can be implemented according to the decision of NGOs supreme organ, with the application signed by the head of the organization with the presence of one representative from each organization.

3.4 The amount of the membership fee is defined by Board.

3.5 Issues related to the membership for the Forum can be controlled with the article adopted by the General Assembly according to the Constitution.

3.6 Excluding from membership can be realized through below mentioned:

  • With the application of the member organization;
  • In case of the appellation of the action of the member organization;
  • In case of violation of the Constitution, based on the decision of Board according to the research of the Investigation Commission of the Forum.

4. Steering of the Forum

4.1 The supreme organ of the Forum is the General Assembly which shall meet at least once every two years.

4.2 General Meeting is formed by one representative from each member organization . Decisions are taken by simple majority.

4.3 General Meeting:

  • Approves the Constitution. Amendments and changes to the Constitution are approved by 2/3 majority of votes;
  • Forum elects Board, President, Vicepresident and Investigation Commission in the General Assembly by simple majority in the closed elections;
  • Accepts decisions about the general activity of the Forum;
  • The leader organs report to the Forum and Forum evaluates the report.
  • Forum is considered as an authorized while participated by more than half of the members;
  • The members of the Forum with 2/3 majority of votes can call back the President of the Forum;
  • Solves all other issues which come from the Constitution;
  • Takes decision to face out to the activity of the Forum.

4.4 In the interval of the General Assemblies the leader organ of the Forum is Board.

4.5 General Assembly elects Board by simple majority of votes.

4.6 President, Vice-President and Control Revision Commission Chairman participate in the Board wither the right.

4.7 Board:

  • Is considered authorized when participated by more than half of the members;
  • Adopts decisions by majority of votes;
  • Elects its chairman and plenipotentiary secretary for a term of two years;
  • Makes changes and additions to its committee;
  • Observes the implementation of the tasks coming from Constitution;
  • Accepts and separates organizations from memberships;
  • Puts into practice decisions of the General Assembly
  • Can initiate to hold the General Assembly by 2/3 of votes;
  • Can give the proposal with the 2/3 majority;
  • Can establish representation and other working structures of the Forum
  • Confirm the staff schedule, plan of financial action and structure according to the Presidents edict;
  • Implements other current actions.

4.8 President of the Forum:

  • One person can not be elected as a president of Forum more than tree times regular;
  • Implements the decisions made by General Assembly and Board;
  • Leads the general work of the Forum and gives edicts;
  • Represents Forum, signs contracts and agreements on behalf of its name;
  • Manages the financial work of the Forum and gives the letter of attorney;
  • Defines the work of structure and staff of the Forum and represents it to the Board;
  • Defines the internal labor rules, hires or dismisses employees;
  • Reports to the General Meeting

4.9 VicePresident:

  • Manages the current executive work, implements the presidents orders and tasks;
  • Substitutes the President during his absence;

4.10 Investigation Commission of the Forum:

  • Supervises the implementation of the finical and constitutional responsibilities;
  • Elects its chairman among its members for two years period;
  • Its meetings have authority while participating by move than half of the members;
  • Adopts decisions by simple majority.

5. Property and Financial investigations of the Forum

5.1 Financial investigations of the Forum consist of the following sources:

  • Membership fee;
  • Voluntary payment of the citizens and various organizations;
  • Money and property given voluntarily;
  • Grants and property from various organizations;
  • Grants for the services of the Forum;
  • Resources from the activity of enterprises which are not prohibited by the law;
  • Resources from the measures adjoined by Forum;
  • From other sources which are not prohibited by law;

5.2 Forum is authorized to buy or rent various properties and supplies and give it for rent.

6. Last

6.1 The activity of the forum can be stopped according to below mentioned :

  • With the decision of General Meeting taken by 2/3 majority of votes of member organizations;
  • After canceling or suspending by the court according to the law;

6.2 The property of the Forum is used for the purpose of the Constitution with the decision of General Meeting according the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

6.3 The conflicts related to the activity of the Forum to be solved in the court.

6.4 This Constitution considers all the rights and possibilities approved by the legislation of NGOs in the Republic of Azerbaijan important for the Forum.

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