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 Program Resume - GONCHA" Children's Aid Association - Program Description (Goncha)

 Duration: 31.12.1997 - present
 Location: Baku
 Donors: TACIS
 Sectors: Agriculture

As per local statistics, out of 500 thousand of local infant population in the capital, 9200 are registered in the Infant Psycho-Neurological clinic. This "squad" of kids is at the moment entirely isolated from the other people due to public neglect. In new economic environment they comprise the most vulnerable public layer, and the majority of them are orphans, though their parents are alive. In order to socially and legally protect these children "Goncha" non-government organization was established.

Operating since 1998 on the basis of the Infant Psycho-Neurological Clinic, this public organization takes care of kids, suffering psychologically and physically. Within the past two years with support of "Goncha" staff, children in the clinic get free medicines, provided by "UMCOR" humanitarian program. Also, necessary video- and audio facilities, gym facilities, a computer etc. were purchased with support of TACIS, UNICEF and "UNOCAL" company. The Embassy of Turkey in Azerbaijan has undertaken the entire refurbishment and maintenance of the clinic premises.

It is worthwhile mentioning that parents of patients, some of who are experts in psychosocial rehabilitation, have founded "Goncha". In order to develop awareness of parents of social, legal and medical aspects "Goncha" will conduct series of training sessions. The second task of the NGO is to prepare kids before they enter schools as well as to conduct the psychotherapy courses and to establish a special orphan class in schools. Through submission of the state program "Save the orphans", "Goncha" plans to compile data on each family, which refused from the child. Only after a careful and thorough study of reasons of this phenomenon the opportunity of preventing it arises. As per the NGO' s statistics, 13 families did so only during the last year.

Looking forward to successful implementation of stated objectives "Concha" hopes to draw the interest of local mass media to the problem of children with psycho-neurological problems.

For contacts please apply to the Board Chairperson Ms.Hayat Gulakhmedova. Our telephone numbers are: 391183 and 380435.

December 2000

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