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 Program Resume - Gulum - A brief description (Gulum)

 Duration: 31.12.1998 - present
 Location: Baku
 Sectors: Ecology

NAME OF ORGANIZATION: Childrens Ecological non-govermental organization Gulum
Azerbaijan (Baku)


Nikishina 13/6, Apt. 9
370025 Baku

Tel: (+994-12) 90-22-92, 97-52-91, 30-37-59, +994 50 320 46 50 (mobile)

Director: Irada Kulievea

THE MAIN STAFF: Leader (coordinator); Financial manager; Responsible for informational security, the means of the electronic connection; Responsible for the public relation


  • leading practical ecology classes in kindergartens; organizing excursions and ecological camps
  • creating new teaching literature for kindergarten teachers, visual aids and ecological books;
  • organizing training for kindergarten teachers with the aim of acquainting them with new methods of teaching ecology to children
  • collaboration with of Caucas region and international NGO.

NGO Gulum is carrying out the following projects by the support of humanitarian organization ISAR/AZERBAIJAN and USAID.

Drawing on the vast and varied experience of teachers, ecologists, artists and musicians, the Childrens Ecological Organization, Gulum, a non-governmental, non-commercial organization, created in January 1998, brings ecological education to pre-school children throughout Azerbaijan.

Some achievements to date:

  • In spring 1999 our ecological book, Blossom, Green Meadows was named one of the top six books in a Soros Fund competition. The organization was awarded a certificate and prize money.
  • We were declared the winners of a competition for the best article in the informationmethodology bulletin ASECO-INFORM.

Our plans for the future:

The aim of our organization is to create a Childrens Education and Development Center. This will be an experimental space, where experts in childrens pedagogy from around the world will be able to gather and exchange information. The Center will provide an opportunity for the development of new methods and technologies.

Different interest groups will be organized, where the main participants will be children.

These classes will serve as the sounding-board for the development of new ideas for teaching children.

Different clubs and societies will meet in the Center, such as: Music through Nature, The Young Conservationists Club, Debating Society, Young Environmental Lawyers

Any child will be able to join this center.

Our success story:

As part of a TACIS-TEAP project on the condition of the Kura River in April 1999 we published a book, The History of the Kura River with support from the Soros Funds Step-by-Step Programmer. This was named the best project of all the NGOs participating from the three Southern Caucasus republics. The book explores the sources of pollution of the Kura River and their influence on nature and presents them in a form accessible for children. On the first side of this pull-out book, the child learns about the plight of the river today, and on the reverse side, about a happy, environmentally-friendly version of how life could be on this river. In November 1999 the Dutch Embassy in Turkey financed a further publishing of the book which has been distributed throughout Azerbaijan.

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