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 Program Resume - IEPF Program Description (IEPF)

 Duration: 04.09.1992 - present
 Location: Baku
 Sectors: Community development
Political questions

The International Eurasia-Press Fund (IEPF) is an independent NGO established by the creative intellectuals and representatives of different countries on June 22, 1992. In Azerbaijan, it is officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic on September 4, 1992.

IEPF has its Representatives in Moskow, St. Petesburg, Izhevsk (Russia), Riga (Latvia), Calw (Germany), Sofia (Bulgaria), Tebriz (Iran), Arnkhem (Netherlands), Vilnius (Lithvania), Istanbul (Turkey). IEPF has 6 departments in its Baku HQ:

  • Program and Fundraising
  • Mass Media, Human Rights
  • Peace Education, Conflict Resolution
  • Community Development, Refugee and IDP problems
  • Public Relations Department

Since its inception, the IEPF has been maintaining working rapport with various international organizations such as:

International Peace Bureau,
Amnesty International,
Committee on Protection of Journalists,
The Canadian Fund of Human Rights,
Cooperative Housing Foundation (CHF)
International Exchange of Freedom of Expression (IFEX),
UNITED (European network against nationalism, racism, fascism, and in support of migrants and refugees),
National Peace Foundation
International Freedom of Exchange of Expressions (IFEX),
London Information network on Conflicts and State Building (LINKS)

The IEPF has a group of interpreters/translators for Azeri, Russian, English, German, French and Spanish languages. The IEPF had a wider range of cooperation and collaboration with the democratic institutes and people of the world on information exchange and participatory activities.

Project Highlights:

IEPF began its activity in Fizuli region with a Conflict Prevention and Resolution programme. The first project started in 1992 by IEPF was called Peace at Your Home, Peace in the Country, Peace in the World. Later this name became the motto of the IEPF. Within the framework of this motto, the IEPF had launched an emergency programme for the IDPs in camps. It had organized and rendered medical, food and non-food assistance to the recently arrived IDPs in close cooperation with a local Charitable organization Guru-Chay.

The program continued up to December 1996. The followings are some of the major outputs of this program:

  • IEPF held or participated in 12 peaceful negotiations on conflict resolution connected with Garabag conflict at different levels;
  • Organized more than 100 field trips of the local and foreign journalists, diplomats and other officials to the IDP settlements throughout the country ;
  • Assisted in organizing and distribution of medical and other good supplies to approximately 30,000 IDPs and refugees. Actively participated in identifying temporary lodging for around 100,000 IDPs in different locations (camps and hard shelters);
  • Issued and helped the issuance of the following books: Garabag in Bloodshed (1992), Terrible Days (1993), War Victims (Fizuli) (1995).

In March 1997 IEPF participated in the joint project of National Issues and Refugee problems. As a result of this project, IEPF together with the Russian Geographical Society, St.-Petersburg branch of the Writers Union of Russia, Russian State Academy of Culture managed to hold the International Conference in St.-Petersburg discussing the IDP & Refugees problems. Representatives from more than 30 countries participated in that conference. Based on the outcome and recommendations from this conference, the IEPF published the book National Questions and Refugee problems in 1997.

At the end of 1997 the book Azerbaijan - the Land of Fires (in German) was issued in Munchen by the active members of IEPF headed by Mr. Uli Rotfuss and with contribution of Azerbaijan representatives. This book created a high impact on the exchange and development of cultural values among the nations.

The IEPF subsequently published a booklet (brochure) The First Medical Aid which served as an instruction for the population during any medical emergencies. The books were distributed to IDPs & refugees free of charge.

Since 1999, IEPF has become a participant of the CISCONF (Regional Conference to Address the Problems of Refugees, Displaced Persons, Other Forms of Involuntary Displacement and Returnees in the Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Relevant Neighboring States) organized by UNHCR. The Funds representative regularly participates in the work of Working Group on Management and Prevention of the Conflicts.

On June 1999, IEPF prepared the project proposal of Establishment of the International Journalistic Center in Baku and submitted it to UNDPI for the approval. Currently this project is under review by UNDPI.

On June 21-25 1999, IEPF participated in the Conference of the World Refugee Problems held in Geneva.

In Ju1y 1999 IEPF together with Threshold Foundation (Germany) has organized a training course for IEPF staff members and for the representatives of local NGOs on The basic knowledge on Internet exploration in the NGO run up.

The executive director of Threshold Foundation, professor of the Frankfurt University Dr. Burkhard Luber led the training sessions.

In 23 February 2000 IEPF together with UK based organization LINKS (London Information Network on Conflicts and State Building) has organized a seminar Refugees and IDPs in Azerbaijan. This seminar covered a wide range of socio-economic issues related to the life conditions of refugees and IDPs during cease-fire period.

Sphere of activity: Prevention conflicts and its resolution; publications about Azerbaijan refugees and IDPs; promotion of cultural and spiritual relations between nations; integration of Azerbaijan into civilized international community; protecting and security of human rights.

Project Locations: All Azerbaijan

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