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 Program Resume - OurHome - Program Description (OurHome)

 Duration: 20.02.2001 - present
 Location: Baku
 Sectors: Ecology

The Caucasus International Children’s Ecological Union (CICEU) "Our Home" officially was created at 3 of June, 1997 on the basis of memorandum signed by schoolchildren from Azerbaijan and Georgia; they were delegates of the V International Environmental Olympiad in Istanbul. This Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) was confirmed by Organization Committee of above-mentioned Olympiad.

CICEU is a humanitarian children’s social organization formed by the will of schoolchildren with the purpose of attraction the rising Caucasus generation to ecological problems.

The mission of this organization is the education of responsibility for safety of Caucasus natural legacy and ecological education and training of the rising generation.

CICEU "Our House" consists of 450 people, 80% of which are schoolchildren of 8-11classes; the rest are teachers and scientists. In April-May of 1998 CICEU carried out the competition "The best placard for nature protection" among the 20 Baku schools. There were more 500 schoolchildren of 8-11 classes who took place in this competition; 60 schoolchildren who took first, second and third places were rewarded with valuable gifts and certificates of competition. This measure were broadcasted by Azerbaijan TV, Broadcasting and the Press.

In May of 1998 CICEU carried out the Children’s Ecological Action "Caucasus is our house". In consequence of passing competition for best school scientific report on problems of ecology with survey of economic and power engineering aspects, 60 winners-schoolchildren of 8-11 classes of Baku secondary schools have visited the Georgian Republic in May, 1998 (during 5 days) and planted 60 trees there.

Schoolchildren were in the nature reserves and museums and took place in organized by us the Children International Ecological Conference with the participation more than 300 teen-agers. This action was shown on Azerbaijan TV and Georgion TV.. There were slogans on Azerbaijan and Georgian languages "Caucasus is our house; everybody must take care of its nature" on the buses with schoolchildren of both republics.

At big stations children sang the unique in the World ecological hymn written for the first time by poet R. Baghir and composer A. Dadashev. This hymn was written by the initiative of CICEU and was confirmed by the Union of composers of Azerbaijan

CICEU carries out a definite work for perpetuating a memory of prominent Azerbaijan ecologists. For example: a stamp dedicated to the 90th anniversary of academician Hasan Aliyev – the first Azerbaijan ecologist, was printed in England in the amount of 10000 units. This stamp was entered the World post catalogue.

Also CICEU carries out a big propagandistic work among the youth and children: the procession with their own placards for nature protection, the formation of ecological video rental club "XXI-century" with 134 ecological films for free use, conversations around the tables with scientists and ecologists; all this gives a perceptible results for nature protection of the native land.

For the first time in the World from members of CICEU was created the first detachment of Children’s ecological police (CEP); the presentation and adoption of oath on faithfulness to ecological service were at 25 of December, 1998 on the First Republican Children’s Ecological Forum. The mission of CEP is preventive measures of ecological offences and formation of ecological culture among the schoolchildren. CEP has got the special uniform, own flag, own coat of arms and own newspaper "Children’s Ecopolice".

During the period of its activity, CEP carried in a essential contribution for environmental protection: it was made more 58 raids and checks; was removed 54 ecological breaches; was planted more 200 trees and was carried out a sanitary-cleaning works on 21 addresses.

CEP’s activity is well-known not only in Azerbaijan, but also in some foreign countries. The members of CICEU, young ecopolicemen, successfully took place at Millennium International Children’s Ecological Conference in Istburn (22-24 of May, 2000 in England). This was confirmed with the letter of Information Centre’s director from UNO-Kenya.

At the Junior International Ecological Conference in Borzhomi (15-24 of August, 2000 in Georgia) 6 members of CICEU occupied third place.

As a result of the competition for the best report on human’s rights 4 members of CICEU took place in International Training –Seminar "New Terra" in Voronezh (3-11 of November, 2000 in Russia).

CICEU carried out the celebrations devoted to 77th anniversary of Azerbaijan schoolchildren’s ecological movement and to 2nd anniversary of CEP at 24 of December, 2000; where best young ecologists were rewarded with valuable gifts and diplomas.

CICEU arranges the contacts and takes place in ecological programmes of many foreign organizations, including BP Amoco, UNO, TACIS, SOROS and others.

President of CICEU "Our Home"
F.N. Amirova

Caucasus International Children Ecological Union
45/57 Nobel av.,
Park named after Nizami
fax: 99412 922327
tel: 99412 661244;664424

February 21, 2001

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