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 Program Resume - The Linking and Capacity Building Project, funded by the UK Department (Oxfam)

 Duration: 30.06.2000 - present
 Location: Barda
 Sectors: Capacity building

The Linking and Capacity Building Project, funded by the UK Department for International Development, of the Oxfam Azerbaijan programme is well under way. This project has three strands:

  • Capacity building for Oxfam's existing and new NGO counterparts. This project resources the NGOs to create a forum in which the members can share interests and discuss intentions. They can sharpen the skills required to increase their effectiveness in relation to their clients, government and non governement agencies and for the building of civil society in Azerbaijan.

Oxfam's work in the regions around Barda, including Yevlakh, Terter, Mingechevir, Sheki, Agdam and Goranboy is complemented through this project by supporting community group initiatives and efforts to improve the life and livelihoods of their members by offering training; the opportunity to meet other community based organisations and to make links with them towards government and non government agencies in the region.

  • The NGO and CBO counterparts have opportunities to meet each other's representatives at joint linking meetings through which both Baku and regionally based organisations' representatives have opportunties to share information and ideas thereby strengthening ties between the capital and the regions
  • The third strand of the Linking and Capacity Building Project is to provide Information and Advice Services to all people in the regions as stated above. Recently the Barda Information and Advice Centre was opened and is to be followed within a few weeks by satellite centres opening in up to five of the CBO community centres as listed above. Eventually the Barda Centre will have a library of resources that will be available to local people, support the satellite centres and make information and advice available to people across the region.

July 2000

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