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 Program Resume - PILIGRIM - Program Description (PILIGRIM)

 Duration: 31.12.1997 - present
 Location: Baku
 Donors: ISAR
 Sectors: Children
Income generation

In 1998, Yuri Valuev founded the Non-Government Organization (NGO) called “Piligrim”. The goal of this NGO is “TO FORM A NEW ECOLOGICAL THINKING AMONG THE YOUTH BY THE DEVELOPMENT OF ECO-TOURISM”.

Eco-tourism is an adventure combined with responsible use of country backlands while promoting a positive environmental message.


The creation of the group “Piligrim” has involved the youth in activities useful to the community, focusing their energies to more positive actions, opening new opportunities to learn and have a place in the world of nature.

The Eco-tourist race is an ecologically aware wilderness expedition race. Teams of experienced backcountry adventurers, men and women combined, race across a vast area of majestic terrain using only a map, a compass and their combined wits. Successfully finishing requires teamwork, endurance, spirit and compassion.

Every Eco-tourist race incorporates local environmental actions.


The School of Wild Nature was organized in 1999 and has introduced ecological formation of the youth, not in dusty classrooms but outside where nature is.

The school has united more than 50 young men and women (schoolchildren, students and working youth) actively participating in all its measures.

Advanced classes are designed for outdoor enthusiasts, in good physical condition, who aspire to participate in the Eco-tourist race. Standard classes are offered to those students looking for an expedition race experience with greater emphasis on skills development and instructions.

All the measures that “Piligrim” will carry out have the support of ISAR-Azerbaijan.

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