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 Program Resume - The Afurdja waterfall, and the Tenginsky Canyon are the Monuments of the Azerbaijan Nature! (PILIGRIM)

 Duration: 31.12.2001 - present
 Location: Guba
 Sectors: Ecology


"We shall keep the Earth of ancestors for next generation"

The Afurdja waterfall, and the Tenginsky Canyon are the Monuments of the Azerbaijan Nature!

One of most beautiful mountain landscapes of our country is the area lateral edge of the Main Caucasus. Unique monuments of a nature - Afurdja waterfall carrying the water in the river Velvelychay, proceeding through the Tenginsky Canyon. These monuments located in the Cuban area, are under threat of destruction because of uncontrol interception of clean drinking water above the waterfall, and pollution of the river coast by household dust. All this beauty is spoiled located around numerous a snackbar, small restaurants, with bases of rest. For preservation unique natural places of Azerbaijan the attraction to this activity of public (not governmental) organizations and especially the village people is important.

The Ecotourist community "Piligrim" (Pilgrim) together with the schoolboys and youth of schools located near to and by a Canyon involves the local population in business of protection of an environment. It and mass actions on an accomplishment of cleaning places around of monuments, propaganda of protection of an environment, seminars on ecological education. Having generalized the experience of work on preservation of monuments of culture and nature in Shemakha, Ismaily, and Devichy areas, the "Piligrim" at participation of Mountain Sports club begins creation of village initiative groups from local youth. The purpose of creation of these groups is preservation of a natural and cultural heritage, ecological education, propagation of protection of a nature. This purpose will be achieved through development Ecotourism in the mountain areas of our country.

The basic task now - familiarizing of village youth to initial ecological education that will be in the further pledge of success in preservation of our Nature It's the basic motto of its defence counsels is: "To think a global, and to work locally!". On the decision of this task the project "Shalala" also is directed, which realization became probable, due to the grant given by the Regional Ecological Centre for Caucasus. The purpose of the project attraction of urban and village youth to the vigorous activity in stay of process of destruction of a nature and preservation of its monuments. The realization of the project will allow learning youth Cuban and adjoinig to it of areas to join noble business of protection of an environment and preservation it for the future generations and itself to become physically and is moral healthy and garmony advanced.

We call everyone, to whom the unique nature of Azerbaijan is not indifferent to join our movement on preservation of a natural and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan.

Baku - 2002

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