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 Program Resume - Outdoor museum - Gale - Bugurd Fortress (PILIGRIM)

 Duration: 31.07.2000 - present
 Location: Shamaha
 Donors: ISAR
 Sectors: Ecology

Gale - Bugurd Fortress

Gale - Bugurd Fortress
Shemakha region of Azerbaijan

Joint activity of youth, ecotourist non - goverment organization Piligrim, Caspian Atlantida, Lyapirchi

Entusiasts, lovers of nature and activi nature protectors - members of non-government organizations (NGO) Piligrim, Caspian Atlantida, Lyapirchi leaded to create outdoor museum in nicepicture pleace of Shemakha region in the residence of powerfull state Shirvan.

The opening of museum will be beginning of active joint activity of village and city youth of protection historical and nature monument.

The ai of this activity is education of youth methods of nature protection, life in environment, joint help consolidation of youth from city and villages.

These works have been carried out by the support of ISAR/Azerbaijan in the frames of project My home - green world (July-August 2000).

In the XI-XII centuries, as a result of feudalism development, role of Shirvan state increased. In Shamakhi and nearby territories construction works were carried out. Shamakhi was transformed into one of the trade and craft centres and became the capital of the Shirvanshahs state.

Fortress Gulistan - defence stronghold of Shamakhi was built 2,5-3 km off the city. Fortress was the place which Shirvanshahs used as shelter and treasury storage whenever it was necessary. Gulistan and Bugurt with their circular, semi- circular and rectangular structures have embodied specific features common to the defence systems of Caucasus, Middle East andCentral Asia. Bugurt defence complex is one of the historical monuments erected in the Middle Ages period.

During the Tatar-Mongol invasion of 1222, after the capture of Shamakhi, Shirvan ruler was in hiding in Galeyi-Bugurt. Up to the XVII- th century the fortress was used for defense and protection purposes.

H.Jiddy, when narrating about the trip of an English traveller and merchant Anthony Jenkinson to Shamakhi in his book, writes that weather was very hot in Shamakhi then, and Abdulla khan invited his guest to Galeyi-Bugurt. That is the fortress and fortifications were not yet destroyed at the time.

In the 1966-70, archaeological excavations many materials were unearthed, basement of khans house was also dug out. Excavations results indicated life was active in the fortress in XI-XIII and XVII-XVIII centuries.

Plenty of glass articles were discovered, they were represented by fragments of glass dishes and bracelets embellished by coloured pellets. Archaeologists relate materials to XI-XIV centuries. Apart from that many stone and paste beeds, women decorations: earrings, necklaces etc. were found.

Piligrim and Caspian Atlantis NGOs Council resolved on protecting this grand monument and ensuring its functioning as outdoor museum. Lyapirchi society set up in monument and open school musem. Everything having any relation to Galeyi-Bugurt will be collected in the museum. Materials found in the fortress will be kept so that history of the forgotten military defense complex be not erased from peoples memories.

We invite ecotourists, lover of natures and whole whishing to visit this wonderful monument of history and nature.

Kvachidze V., Valuyev Y., Guliyev R.

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l.: 40 58 19

This project was couried out by financial support of ISAR/Azerbaijan and USAID.

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