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 Program Resume - PILIGRIM Ecotourism - School of a Wild Nature (PILIGRIM)

 Duration: 31.12.2000 - present
 Location: Baku
 Donors: ISAR
 Sectors: Ecology

At ancient walls of a
Kaleybugur Citadel

The Ecotouristic youth group “Pilgrim” is created in 1998. Ecotourists by the amateurs of a nature and travelers “Pilgrim” actively cooperates with Mountain Sports Club youth and ecological not governmental organizations: ISAR - Azerbaijan, Open Society Institute - Azerbaijan, OXFAM. The purpose of activity - formation at youth of new ecological thinking, by development Ecotourism

Ruins of a Chirakh-Kala fortress

Ecotourism - it is Tourism not consuming of resources, not exterminating a nature, it is fascinating mountain and foot campaigns, supervision and study of a wild nature of our native land.

Ismailli reservation

The activity of group “Pilgrim” at support ISAR - Azerbaijan is directed on creation of school of a wild nature, in which the youth not only studies to protect a nature but also lives inside the nature.

Ancient temple of Caucasian Albania

During the existence the group develops fascinating Ecotourist’s routes in all seasons for any age group of the travelers the members of group organize and will carry out multiday travels and campaigns of a day off in picturesque reserved areas of Azerbaijan.

The youth can with advantage for itself and environment to spend free from study time in dialogue with a wild nature, to learn a history of native territory.

Kala-Alti boarding house
Spring at a sacred place Khidir-Zende


The routes of offered travels pass in picturesque places of Azerbaijan’s mountain areas.

The travelers will see deep gorges, fantastic waterfall and river, miracle forests, alpine meadows, sparkling top of Main Caucasian Chain. The part of these routes passes on ancient Caravan of a way conducting from Asia in Europe. On a way there is a set architectural and archaeological of monuments - witnesses of ancient epoch.

The fans of winter travels can make of ski walk on snow slopes nearest Pirgulu Observatory and at bottom of the Zoroastrist fortress Charah - Kala.

Gorge of the Karachay river

We invite youth and all wishing to make fascinating travels and more to learn about a nature and history of Azerbaijan in a campaign with us.

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