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 Program Resume - "Shafgat Nuru" Charity Society Program Description (SHAFGAT)

 Duration: 30.09.2000 - present
 Location: Baku
 Sectors: Education

"Shafgat Nuru" charity society was founded in 1997 by the initiative of the french language teacher of the foreign languages University and the french painter Fransouaz Dagano. The objective of the society was social and psychical rehabilitation of mentally disabled children living in Baku and training for orphans.

Two years later 9 children after the lengthy treatment were transferred to the school for the normal children and at the present moment are successfully visiting the school.

11 orphan children after a year of preparations with the teachers of azeri language, natural sciences, music and dances, entered to the dances school of Baku.

Two orphan children trough our assistance were taken to the families, 10 months girl was accepted by the french family and at the present moment lives in Bordou.

Through the assistance of the University volunteers there were created 3 groups of foreign languages and a dancing group - "Gobustan". The students of the faculty of psychology are working on social rehabilitation with the disabled children in the school number three, home for 150 children (4-16 years old).

The perspective aim of the society is creation of the rehabilitation center and the hostel for the teenagers to prevent them from the possibility to be alone as becoming older.

Our activity is broadly highlighted by mass media, the members of the society are awarded for their activity by diplomas "Vatan"-"Motherland"

October 2000

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