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 Program Resume - "SIMURG" Association Of Azerbaijan Culture (SIMURG)

 Duration: 31.01.2001 - present
 Location: Baku
 Donors: ISAR
 Sectors: Community development
Political questions


1. From history of creation.

The Association of Azerbaijan Culture "Simurg" is the first non-governmental multi-spheres culture organization of new type established in April, 1990 on the initiative of the outstanding representatives of republic intelligence, with the purpose of civil assistance to social-cultural development, forming of democratic society and legal state in Azerbaijan, integration of republic in civilized international community. The regulations of Association for the first time were registered by the order of Azerbaijan Republic Cabinet of Ministers by 374 from August 17, 1990.

2. Founders and members of the Association.

AAC "Simurg" unites, on voluntary starts, more than 30 collective and hundred individual members-citizens of Azerbaijan Republic and foreign states with the purposes of joint cooperation, directing on assistance of enlightenment and education progress, science, medicine, ecology, art, economics, social management, information, rights and other fields of culture supplying comprehensive human and public development in Azerbaijan, extension of international cultural cooperation.

In composition of board of Association are the scientists and specialists, including 5 academicians and members - correspondents of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, many professors, doctors and candidates of sciences, famous teachers deserved persons of culture and art, doctors, diplomats, theologists, talented youth. On voluntary starts the heads of the non-governmental organizations, high schools, schools, scientific organizations, ministries, creative unions, funds, centers, industrial enterprises of republic go into presidium and board.

Among the collective members and founders of Association are Academy of Sciences, Union of scientists. Oil Academy, Baku State University, State University of Culture and Art, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Union of architects. Ministry of Information and Publishing, Fund of culture. Peace Fund, Ministry of Youth and Sports, charitable society of scientists "Gunesh", Society of engineers. Center " Person and environment ", Society "Social progress" and many other state and non-governmental organizations. 22 members of presidium and board of Association are leaders of the different non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijan.

3. Scientific fundamentalses of activity.

In connection with waiving from marksizm-leninizm, before determined ways and forms of Azerbaijan public development, the Association, resting on reaching of history, theory and practice of world culture, for the first time in Azerbaijan has elaborated cultural scientific approach to understanding culture, as phenomenon component a general purpose basis and substance of spiritual and social-economic development of man and society, state building and management. "Simurg" emanates from scientific vision of culture as " second, artificial nature ", created by intellect, feelings and physical work of person, as index of reaching and technologies of human activity.

The concept of AAC "Simurg" culture orients on reaching of principal progressive shears in development of Azerbaijan society and its democratization. Thus it mirrors adherence to cultural conversation and cooperation opening new possibilities for reaching of universal world, stable development and welfare. The Association maintains positive policy to UN, UNESCO and other international organizations, directional on constructing of culture of world peace and adequate to biotic concerns of present and future generations of mankind.

4. Contents and reference directions of activity.

The Association lairs out a mobile web of the scientists and specialists who are capable to render the qualified help to state structures and international organizations in mining and realization of programs and projects, bound with education, studies and information aimed at stable development. Resting on the modern system methodologies, it designs the concepts, models and technologies of public development, expert- analytical materials, forecasts and recommendations indispensable for acceptance of fluidized political solutions in the field of building of civil society and international relations. As independent dynamical non-governmental structure, "Simurg" tends to realize partner links with national and international organizations interested in democratic development of Azerbaijan, and also to assistance to solution of actual international problems.

The practical work of Association is carried out twelve departments, which one are introduced by specialists, many of which are leaders of non-governmental organizations. The main directions of departments work are: education, raising and enlightenment; cultural, philosophical and sociological studies; the information and publishing; economics and social development; human rights, resolution of conflicts and peace-keeping; international cooperation; ecology, medicine and physical culture; art; religion and ethics; women development and gender studies; development of youth and children; operation with refugees and forced settlers.

The strategic planning of Association activity is carried out its presidium, which consists of the famous scientists and experts of different fields of spiritual and material culture.

5. The attainments.

Pursuant to the mission, the Association realizes definite public- useful activity.

  • On the basis of scientific studies of history and regularities of world culture development, and also applications in the field of medicine, ecology and other spheres, it works out and diffuses in Azerbaijan society principally new cultural knowledge's, realizes scientific-educational activity, organizes special educational entities. Association are published many reports, papers in materials of international and republican symposiums and conferences, in journals and newspapers, many protrusions on republican television and radio, two collections" Culture and society", series of books on history, theory and practice of world culture on problems of culture, role of culture in human and public development, state building and management, history of Azerbaijan culture, and also rendering first before-medical aid to the population .
  • With the purposes of assistance to new vision of spiritual culture high mission in Azerbaijan, at Association the republican scientific practical seminar " Culture and society" operates, in operation which participate specialists, diplomats, students, representatives of community, outstanding Azerbaijan and foreign scientists. From the beginning of 90th are held 24 such seminars targeting assistance to knowledge of history, reaching and regularities of world and domestic culture development, substance of culture as fundamentals of public development, forming democratic thinking and democratic culture in republic. The seminars promote cultural studies and scientific enlightenment development, opened cultural conversation and exchange of knowledge between intelligence, introduced in state institutes, non-governmental organizations and political parties, development of cultural cooperation with foreign specialists and diplomats, understanding of new possibilities of culture as social capital.
  • Proceeding from concerns and necessities of Azerbaijan community, by Association are designed and are transmit to state bodies of management series of cultural scientific concepts and projects aimed at progressive reforms in the field of spiritual culture and spiritual production, invoked to provide anticipating development of raising and education, science and scientific enlightenment, forming of new state policy in the field of culture oriented on priorities of stable human development.
  • At support of UN representation in Azerbaijan in 1995 for the first time International University of world culture was established in Baku. Within the framework of Academic courses of Association on opening-up and retraining of the specialists, two schools - "Sisters of mercy " and "Business" which has successfully realized a little bit of discharges the home medical sister-ecologists and para-physicians, businessmen and managers for a web of the small enterprises and other structures of market economics were created.
  • The definite work was held on assistance to becoming " the Third Sector" in Azerbaijan. In particular, at support of Charitable fund " Charity Know How " and International Fund "ISAR", in 1996, for a series of non-governmental organizations for the first time were organized and are held Consulting process and Seminar on problem of forming "Third Sector " in Azerbaijan aimed at looking up of ways of heightening of overall performance and coordination of national NGO activity. By results of this work, in October, 1996 on International meeting of non-governmental organizations in Plovdiv city (Bulgaria) was made report " the Third Sector in Azerbaijan: condition and perspectives", obtaining a high estimation. By association also were prepared and are transmit in the Staff of President of Azerbaijan Republic of the offer on progressing the Third Sector in Azerbaijan, which one utilized at creation in 1997 of Resource Center NGO of country. In 1999 Association, together with a series other NGO has founded a Forum of the non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijan.
  • The Association tends to promote reinforcing of friendship and cultural cooperation to the citizens of foreign countries, and also international cooperation with the purposes of stable development and peace. There are 16 foreign honorary members in composition of Association. Among them are outstanding scientists, publicists, diplomats, public figures from Norway, USA, Russia, Germanium, Iraq, Great Britain, Israel and other countries. With the purpose of opened cultural conversation and exchange of the knowledge, as the civil cultural initiative within the framework of exterior cultural policies of Azerbaijan, in 1991 was realized trip in Costa Rica, promoting to an admission Costa Rica of state independence of Azerbaijan Republic. In November, 1999 "Simurg" participated in International conference on cultural policies in Bergen, by results of which one was included in number of the experts of Council of Europe on cultural policies. In October, 2000 the Association successfully has appeared on International Conference in UN on the problem of development in third millennium, on the subject "Culture as way of life " and was accepted in World-wide Association of the non-governmental organizations WANGO.

6. Principals of Association.

  • Fuad Mamedov - President, culture scientist, doctor of historical sciences;
  • Maksud Aliyev - I-vice-president physician, academician;
  • Asaf Nadirov - Vice-president on economics and social development, economist, academician;
  • Fuad Gasimzade - Vice-president on the rights, philosophy and sociology, member -correspondent of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences;
  • Arif Azizov - Vice-president on art, artist, professor ,deserved figure of Azerbaijan arts;
  • Hadji Sabir Hasanii - Vice-president on religion and ethics, theologist, candidate of religious sciences, honorary citizen of USA;
  • Rafik Aliyev - Vice-president on organizational problems and international telecommunications, professor.

7. The character of Association.

"Simurg" - is the ancient character of goods and revival to new life in Azerbaijan mythology. The character of Simurg is intimately connected to the ancient Eurasian myth about like eagle bird, which one for the first time has brought on ground a fleeing " tree of life " from sky or with a sacred mountain. Simurg is one of the semantic synonyms of an eight-final star of ancient character goodwill of the gods and prosperity of country accepted as in East and in West in quality of new, eternal life symbol.

Address: 18, A.Guliyev Str.
370009 Baku, Azerbaijan

Phone/Fax: 994 12 923 847
Mob: 850 322 30 20
Fax international: + 1 661 825 9604

February 2001

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