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 Program Resume - Child Survival Program (MC)

 Duration: 31.12.2000 - 31.12.2005
 Location: Lerik
 Donors: USAID
 Sectors: Health
Income generation
Mother and child health


Mercy Corps is a not-for-profit organization that exists to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities. The agency now operates in more than 25 countries reaching 5 million people worldwide. With headquarters in the United States and Scotland, Mercy Corps is an international family of humanitarian organizations.

Since 1979, Mercy Corps has provided more than $575 million in assistance to 73 countries. Mercy Corps is known nationally and internationally for its quick-response, high-impact programs. Over 95 percent of the agency's resources are allocated directly to programs that help those in need.


Mercy Corps began its activities in Azerbaijan with Public Building Rehabilitation Program in 1996.
In 1998 Mercy Corps Azerbaijan became the umbrella grant manager for the six-year $45 million Azerbaijan Humanitarian Assistance Program (AHAP). The AHAP is designed to support USAID's objective of Reduced Human Suffering in Conflict Affected Areas. It targets to increase community development efforts to integrate, resettle and provide economic opportunities and health care to internally displaced and conflict affected population within Azerbaijan. Within AHAP Mercy Corps has facilitated programs that have provided shelter construction, health care, economic opportunities and community development.

In 2001 Mercy Corps received a grant from USAID, the first awarded in Azerbaijan, for the Child Survival program with the target area of Masalli, Yardimli and Lerik.

Contact Information
Azerbaijan Headquarter

21 J. Jabbarly str., Masally city, Azerbaijan 3030 SW First Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201, USA
4 Magomayev St., Old City, Baku, Azerbaijan - 370004 10 Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4 JEScotland
(994-12) 97-51-72 1 (503) 796-6800
(994-12) 97-76-65 1 (503) 796-6844


Objective: To reduce infant, child and maternal mortality and morbidity through community-based preventive actions coupled with improvement in the quality and utilization of primary health care in the targeted area.

The Child Survival Program is financed by U.S. Agency For International Development


Child Survival Program will help mothers to look after their own health and the health of their children.

During the next five years Mercy Corps Azerbaijan through the Child Survival Program (CSP) will strengthen the ability of mothers, caretakers, and communities to take responsibilities for their own health and for the health of their children.
The US Agency for International Development funded Child Survival Program's target area includes the three mountainous districts of Yardimli, Lerik and Massali in southeastern Azerbaijan.
The CSP interventions are aimed at the household and community level and will improve the primary health care services through training of feldschers and midwives, the first-level health care providers at the community level.


The Child Survival Program's activities include:

  • Education for behavior change in mothers and caretakers in the intervention areas; working with women, men and communities to seek primary care for infants and young children in a timely way at first-level peripheral health facilities.
  • Health advocacy and the strengthening of individual and community-level action around maternal and child health (MCH) needs through community mobilization, a community-based health information system (HIS), and the development and promotion of community involvement in women's and men's groups, health councils, and other local organizations.
  • Training of midwives and feldschers as first-line community health care providers to improve quality of care.
  • All activities will complement the efforts of UNICEF in health care reform and Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) pilot activities at the site.


The program will impact more than 20,000 children under five years and 30,000 women of reproductive age. In total over 50,000 people will benefit from the program.


Future CSP beneficiaries from one family together with their grandmother
Child Survival efforts will focus on mobilizing community-level mechanisms and networks that will facilitate health education and promote positive, preventive behaviors for caretakers of children under five and their mothers. This will include pneumonia and diarrhea case management, maternal and newborn care, child spacing, and to document and disseminate the project impact and lessons learned to outside organizations.


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