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 Program Resume - ACDI/VOCA "Agro-Meslehet"- Local Agribusiness Consultancy Service (ACDIVOCA)

 Duration: 31.05.1999 - 29.11.2001
 Location: Baku
 Sectors: Education

Agro-Meslehet (Agro-Advice) is a newly formed Azeri, non-profit, agribusiness consultancy and training service supporting the development of Azerbaijan’s emerging private agricultural sector. Agro-Meslehet realizes that the collapse of the state agricultural system and rise of the private sector have left food systems in disarray, hundreds of qualified technicians unemployed and thousands of inexperienced farmers and other agro-entrepreneurs struggling to survive. International assistance is helpful, but only as an expensive, short-term solution. Local support systems must be developed. In order to strengthen private agricultural development, Agro-Meslehet will initially focus on four key areas:

  • developing ties between skilled Azeri agriculturists and Azerbaijan’s emerging private agricultural sector
  • developing a database of qualified technicians and match them with emerging private farms and other agro-enterprises
  • providing professional technical assistance and training to local and international businesses, humanitarian agencies and multilateral institutions
  • creating agricultural extension and business materials for Azeri clients.

Mr. Faik Nadirov directs Agro-Meslehet. Mr. Nadirov is both an entrepreneur and a scientist. He is a partner and technical manager of a private mushroom production facility, and managing director of Azerbaijan’s first vermicomposting enterprise. Mr. Nadirov holds a Ph.D. in agriculture, specializing in soil science, and was a member of Azerbaijan’s Academy of Sciences. Agro-Meslehet is currently working in cooperation with ACDI/VOCA and is registering as an independent local NGO.
Agro-Meslehet will provide technical consultancies and training in the following areas:

  • crop and livestock development
  • soil and water management
  • fruit and vegetable production
  • food processing (fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy), food preservation
  • beekeeping and hive construction
  • renewable energy systems
  • business plan development, feasibility studies, credit access.

Agro-Meslehet now has more than 40 consultants on its database and has completed fourteen consultancy assignments and training sessions for local and international institutions. Work has been completed in areas such as feasibility study and business plan development, meat processing, composting, mushroom production, greenhouse management, cutflower production, market surveys and specialty vegetable production.

If you have questions on how to utilize Agro-Meslehet’s services, please phone or fax Mr. Nadirov at 98-43-80, or e-mail

June 1999

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