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 Program Resume - Raising Level of Public Participation of IDP/refugees in Georgia and Azerbaijan (AYLU)

 Duration: 29.06.2004 - 01.10.2004
 Location: Baku
 Donors: DRC
 Members: AYLU
 Sectors: Capacity building
Human rights
Local NGO development
Local self-governance

Program description

Raising Level of Public Participation of IDP/refugees in Georgia and Azerbaijan in Decision-making by Administrative/State Bodies

The project is implementing within the CRINGO Networking Initiative program and funded by Danish Refugee Council.


         Project goals

- Monitoring and Revealing of Violations of IDP/refugee Rights;

- Raising Legal Awareness of IDP/refugees;

- Increasing Level of Information they possess on the rights and freedoms, and ways of their implementation;

- Overall Improvement of Legal Standing and Conditions of IDP/refugees.


         Project partners

Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union, Azerbaijan

Civic Education Youth Centre, Georgia


         Project period: April 01, 04 - October 01,04


         Project objectives

- Revealing facts of violation of IDP/refugee rights through monitoring of State Agencies;

Informing IDP/refugee communities on rights and benefits envisaged by law;

- Raising their legal awareness, for having them more actively involved in decision making and activities of state bodies;

- Carrying joint educational events for IDP/refugee communities and relevant state officials;

- Legal analysis of normative basis that is elaborated and enforced by the respective government;

- Elaboration of respective set of amendments to legislation, lobbying for their adoption and implementation


         Expected results and impact

Achieving the Project objectives will make it possible to provide IDP/refugee communities with direct access to important information. Along with this, monitoring of the state agencies will make it clear what are the gaps, mistakes and omissions, as well as intentional barriers created by state bodies to IDP/refugees in Georgia and Azerbaijan in realisation of their even so minimum rights and guarantees. Revealing of these problems will help us to elaborate mechanisms of their eradication and/or settlement, effect of enjoyment of different rights and social benefits that this category of population possess will grow; involvement of IDP/refugees in activities of state agencies will directly influence and increase level of responsibility and efficiency of these agencies, improve social conditions of the target group.


         Strategy / mechanisms or instruments

- In order to conduct monitoring, obtaining public information under FOIA/Freedom of Information Act from public organs on the basis of General Administrative Code will be one of the first steps and priorities, in order to have as comprehensive information on legal basis governing IDP/refugee lives (Representative and Executive bodies of Abkhazia, as well as certain organs of Central Government in Georgia proper and Azerbaijan).

         Contact details: Civic Education Youth Centre

Address: #11 Arsena Street, 0108, Tbilisi, Georgia. Tel/Fax: (+995 32) 93 91 98,


Program manager: Levan Paniashvili

Partner: Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union (AYLU).

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