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 Program Resume - ACDI/VOCA and Agro-Meslehet Food Preservation and Processing Income Generation (FPPIG) Project (ACDIVOCA)

 Duration: 31.08.1998 - 29.09.1999
 Location: Agcabedi
 Sectors: Agriculture

September 1, 1998 to September 30, 1999

A. Activity Summary

The goal of the Food Preservation and Processing Income Generation Project (FPPIG) is to increase the incomes of IDP families and communities in central and northern Azerbaijan through training in improved food preservation, processing and marketing techniques. Through technical assistance, training and small-scale project inputs, ACDI/VOCA and local agricultural consultancy group, Agro-Meslehet, will directly assist more than 2,000 project beneficiaries (as food preparation in Azerbaijan is the near exclusive domain of women, 90% of direct beneficiaries will be female) in developing technical and business skills. Beneficiaries will be trained by Azeri food and agricultural specialists to grow, process and market more and better quality food. 8,000 family and community members (50% men, 50% women) will indirectly benefit from the FPPIG project.

FPPIG will target beneficiaries who have access to land and/or have small garden plots near their homes. A secondary focus will be IDPs living in public buildings. Many beneficiaries will already be participating in USAID- and other donor-funded income generation projects, including the agricultural projects established by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and those developed during Children’s’ Aid Direct’s (CAD) agricultural credit and training program.

FPPIG will directly support USAID/Caucasus’s Strategic Objective #3 (SO3) Improved Economic Opportunities, and Intermediate Result (IR3.1) Small and Micro Enterprises Enhanced Through Projects In Technical Assistance, Credit and Grants. All training and technical assistance activities will be organized through community-based groups and focus on strengthening local capacities in community participation and self-help.

FPPIG training and technical assistance is focused on the problem most commonly identified by IDPs: food. As a result of FPPIG, IDPs will know how to better preserve their current food supply, learn how to organize and market excess production, and will be trained in new, high-value production techniques. After the completion of FPPIG, project beneficiaries will continue to have access to expert technical assistance and training through the local NGO, Agro-Meslehet. This connection between IDPs and local rather than international sources of assistance will increase the prospect for continued and sustainable improvements in IDP standards of living.

As a result of the FPPIG project:

  • 1,700 IDPs will receive direct training in improved food preservation, processing and marketing techniques
  • 300 IDPs will receive training in high-value fruit and vegetable production and marketing
  • 2 small-scale processing lines will be set up to process and market IDP-produced food to local markets
  • Beneficiaries will see a 25% rise in family income.

The FPPIG office will be located in Barda. Project activities will take place in Barda, Seki, Oguz, Agdas, Adgam and Agcabedi.

June 1999

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