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 Program Resume - Youth Human Rights Network (AYLU)

 Duration: 09.09.2004 - 01.03.2005
 Location: Baku
 Donors: USEmbassy
 Members: AYAFE
 Sectors: Human rights

Azeri version

Recently, establishment of Human Rights Youth Network initiated by Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union (AYLU) and Association of Y

Program description


We would like to inform you Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union (AYLU) and Association of Young Azerbaijani Friends of Europe (AYAFE) in cooperation with the Society for Humanitarian Research from September 2004 started the project Youth Human Rights Network. The project supported by US Embassy in Baku.

The aim of the Project:

Mobilizing of efforts of youth within the Human Rights Youth Network for improvement of the situation with human rights in Azerbaijan through the Enlightenment on Human Rights and Human Rights Protection activity in 6 regions of Azerbaijan.

Objectives of the network:

- To increase the knowledge and activeness of youth and youth organizations their leaders and members in direction of independent protection of human rights.

- Basing on the joint activity of youth in the form of coalition of youth, to try to direct the attention of state bodies and local governance to the human rights problems and enforce advocacy activity.

- To protect violated rights of people by means of professional legal defense and public advocacy campaigns.

- To take real steps in growing up the new generation of human rights defenders.

- To increase the role of youth on development of the civil society in Azerbaijan.

- To create the Mobile Groups in Baku and regions for conducting the monitoring and reporting activity on human rights.

Planned activities:

- Formation of the Network

-          The Human Rights Youth Network will be officially founded in Baku and 5 regions of Azerbaijan (Sheki, Lenkoran, Ismayilli, Khachmaz and Mingechevir regions).

- The Presentation of the Project/Network

After the WG meeting and elaboration of the Networks formal documents the Presentation of the Network will be conducted.

- Establishing of the Trainers Group

Each partner organization (AYLU, AYAFE and SHR) will provide the Trainers Group with one expert-trainer on human rights. The trainer will be well experienced in human rights and they will lead the seminars and trainings during the project implementation

- Creation and maintaining the website of the Network

- Conducting of the Seminars in Baku and regions and creation of Mobile Groups

- There will be conducted the Two-Day seminars in each 6 Focal Points (Baku and Regions). The Focal Points will be based on the Baku and regional representatives of AYLU and AYAFE.

- Conducting Round Table in Baku and regions

- During the project implementation period there will be conducted the Round Table in Baku and regions.

- Conducting the Training for Mobile Groups.

- The Mobile Group members those selected among the seminar participant at the 1st phase will be trained by the Trainers Groups at the 2nd phase.

- Monitoring and Reporting by Mobile Group Members

After the completing of the Trainings, the Mobile Group members had been given an opportunity to monitor the human rights situations through the using of the monitoring mechanisms and methods gained at the training.

- Protection activity

Beside the monitoring activity the Mobile Group members will render free protection assistance to the people in Baku and regions.

- Publishing of the Handbook for youth human rights defenders.

The Handbooks will be written on the basis of the Training Modules on Human rights monitoring and reporting.

- Publishing of the pamphlets

The pamphlet will be written in simple, understandable for population, language. The pamphlets content will consists of information about the basic human rights and application procedures in case of violation of the human rights.

- Meeting of Elaboration in Baku

- Press conference

At the end of the project with the purpose of presenting the results of the project to public there will held the Press Conference for Mass Media representatives.


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