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 Program Resume - GSNA - A brief description (GSNA)

 Duration: 31.12.1998 - 29.11.2002
 Location: Baku
 Sectors: Education
Micro-enterprise development

We are the Humanitarian development American non-profit organization,Global SourceNet Azerbaijan Home office in Pennsylvania, USA.

Office in Baku is on Ashig Molla Juma St.
A\Y [P.O. Box] 136 , Baku Center 370000;
Tel\fax 99412-90-60-53

Global SourceNet Azerbaijan, (GSNA) coordinates development projects in agriculture, medicine, education and business to provide assistance to Azerbaijani peoples that is realized through self-sufficiency.

Agriculture: GSNA is demonstrating / training herdsmen in methods of animal husbandry for increased productivity in sheep for meeting human need in the Republic. GSNA is developing a hybrid goat that is a more productive animal type for meeting human need in the Republic.

Business: GSNA has purchased the manufacturing and marketing rights for newly developed solar technology with plans to manufacture and market the products from Azerbaijan. This will put Azerbaijani to work, reduce waste from produce that could not be sold at market and possibly evolve into an export market. The business and technological development will be connected to the Ministry of Education for training and certain institutes related to technological development and agribusiness.

Medicine: GSNA still serves on the advisory board for the Caspian Project and is recruiting necessary personnel to insure better administration of the humanitarian eye care clinics. GSNA coordinates short term medical projects

Education: GSNA has recruited personnel and resources to coordinate ESL to be placed through the Ministry of Education to strengthen the development of privatization of Institutes. The extra curricular availability of English convert nationalists sponsored by GSNA and at no extra cost demonstrates greater value for the tuition they are asked to pay.

GSNA is still partnered with the Consortium for Global Education for the Ministry of Education and is now more ready to pursue professor exchanges through Fulbright scholarships and teaching fellow type of exchanges.

Presently GSNA have added working in ESL coordinator and Global Education coordinator. Sheep project Western region continues, New goat project in Southern region, and Solar dryer\ cooker project and development projects

Under GSNA's sponsorship, two Azerbaijani dentists were sent to Uzbekistan for training in the latest dental technology. The dentists both found the experience to be a valuable learning experience and helpful for their dentistry practices in Azerbaijan. (app: 700$)

In March, GSNA also hosted a team of medical and educational professionals for a development project in Mingechevir. The team accomplished work in three areas: animal husbandry, English training, and a medical clinic.

The report of work in each of these areas follows.

The veterinarian led a seminar attended by 50 people, which helped them to be able to diagnose/treat their own herds for better production. Vet also treated animals himself in 2 villages surrounding Yevlax. One national was trained in parasite control and will be able to help his own people around the Yevlax area. Equipment/medicines amounting to $1,200 was donated for use in parasite control, including a microscope for diagnosis.

The polyclinic held at one of the local medical facilities in Mingechevir was widely attended. The dentist saw 87 patients, including refugees. Approximately $1,500 worth of medicine/ equipment was donated by the dentist. The doctors and nurses treated 409 people, including 245 refugees. A total of $13,150 of medicine was distributed/donated during the week.

English specialists with the team in Mingechevir hosted a training seminar to better the English teaching in the city. It was attended by approximately 50-55 Azerbaijani English teachers. In addition to training in various methods of teaching English and conversation practice, 30 textbooks, 25 storybooks and curriculum materials amounting to approximately $1,000 was distributed. The teachers benefited greatly from the training seminar and have invited the specialists back.

GSNA has distributed small credit loans during the 1st quarter, totaling approx. $2860. Also, funds for a development project were given, totaling $275. These funds are aimed at enabling the poor, the refugees, and the needy. >From all the press or communication about the Azerbaijan internal crisis, we have determined or been convinced that it is a national concern for the total population of the Azerbaijani republic.

GSNA perspective is that the refugee / idp concerns must be focused on within the context of infracture of Azerbaijan which is the other 87.5% of the population to address the range of human need created by the crisis.

In April GSNA invited a second veterinarian to come and help in future Goat project. His efforts was also to further training of an Azerbaijani in basic farm animal care. His donation include about 900$ worth of tools, books, and medicines for future work.

In April GSNA and SC team coordinated a project to initiate the Solar fruit dryer at cost of 1500$, At the Azerbaijan Foreign Lang. Institute a one day Business English Practice \seminar. Reviewed needs at a local orphanage and other areas of Azerbaijan for future projects to be coordinated.

We at GSNA would like just to add to our present program for June 1999, that we have an English practice seminar which will be given at the Higher Diplomatic college outside Baku. It will involve 80 plus students and a group from America coordinated by GSNA Consultants, residing in Baku.

Mr. Allen Bratcher, GSNA Senior Consultant

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