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 Program Resume - GTZ - A brief description (GTZ)

 Duration: 30.06.1997 - 29.11.2002
 Location: Baku
 Members: GTZ
 Sectors: Agriculture

The Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ - German Agency for Technical Co-operation), from Eschborn, near Frankfurt in Germany, is an organisation which acts on behalf of the German Federal Government. Its work covers a wide range of economic and technical co-operation tasks as well as humanitarian and emergency interventions. The governing body is the Bundesministerium fr wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ- Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development), which is the central planning and funding institution.

The GTZ was founded in 1975 and is one of the world’s largest service enterprises in the field of development co-operation. It is a limited liability company, wholly owned by the German Government, with annual commissions worth over DM 1,7 billion. It is a not-for-profit enterprise and any operational surplus is reinvested for self-financed measures in partner countries.

The GTZ is currently working on over 1,300 projects in over 135 countries world-wide and has implemented, or is implementing, more than 250 programmes in 26 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The bulk of GTZ’s work comes from the German Government, but third party commissions from international organisations and other governments account for an increasing proportion of activity. Commissioning organisations include the European Union, the World Bank and UNHCR, while foreign government clients include Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Programmes in Azerbaijan

GTZ is currently working for a number of development projects on behalf of BMZ:

  • A project supporting private initiatives in agriculture began in July 1997. Its current phase lasts till June 2001. The project assists the Department of Agrarian Reforms in the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the Agrarian Reform Commission and agricultural administration at Rayon level in Zaqatala. The project supports the provision of information and training on agricultural production and farm management for private farmers. It promotes initiatives in establishing private businesses and organisations for agricultural information and extension, agricultural credit, mechanisation, seed production, artificial insemination, veterinary services and irrigation management. The regional administration is assisted in preparing regional development and land use plans. At national level the project supports a policy dialogue on guiding agricultural development in a market oriented environment.
  • Since January 1998, a project to promote small and medium scale private enterprises (SME) in Azerbaijan is being implemented in co-operation with the State Committee on Anti-Monopoly and Support for Entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan (AMC). The project is now in its second phase and focuses on agro-processing, transport and construction in the region of Sheki, Gach, Zaqatala and Balakan. The project promotes the establishment of consulting and advisory services in these regions to assist emerging and already operating entrepreneurs in the above mentioned fields. It also offers training to staff of private firms. The project is meant to enhance the recently initiated measures by the Azerbaijan Government to establish a broad supportive structure for private SME in the near future.
  • In August 1998, an Integrated Food Security Project was initiated in Xisi Rayon. Its co-operating partner is the Rayon administration. The project assists the poorer sections of the population in the region through improving production and provision of food and better health care. It facilitates provision of seed and mechanisation services to farmers and provides training to enhance their management skills. The project, through a programme of "food for work", also supports the rehabilitation of educational and health facilities, rural water supplies and rural access roads.
  • In October 1997, together with the Office of the President and Parliament, a project of legal reform started. The project addresses Parliament, State Administration and Judges. By providing consulting services to these institutions, drafts for civil codes are being worked out and judges trained in the application of the new laws. The public is being informed about the progress of legal reforms to foster trust in the legal system.
  • Since September 1999 the GTZ provides consulting services to the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan. Through seminars and consultations for members of staff, the management of the court is to be raised to meet international legal standards. By improving the Public Relation activities of the court, the legal profession is to be made aware of the generally accepted principles of interpreting the constitution.

Updated October 2000

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