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 Program Resume - AHAP Leaflet (MC)

 Duration: 31.08.1999 - 29.11.2002
 Location: Baku
 Sectors: Community development
Health care services

Azerbaijan Humanitarian Assistance Program (AHAP) 2

Program Overview

U.S. Agency
For International

AHAP Round 2

Objective: Create and increase community development efforts to integrate, resettle and provide economic opportunities to IDPs and conflict affected population within Azerbaijan.
Economic Opportunities

Intermediate Result 1.1
Increased availability of credit and support services

Economic Opportunities is one of the key sectors under Mercy Corps new program strategy. Activities will be expanded both in scope and scale, and therefore will play a leading role in the IDP resettlement and integration efforts. Activities to be supported include micro-credit, small enterprises, and agriculture. Main activities of the Implementing Partners include:

  • Disbursement of Group and individual loans
  • Provide Business Literacy Training
  • Agricultural Technical Assistance
  • Promotion of Association formation
  • Introduce Product diversification
Community Development

Intermediate Result 2.1
Communities organized & mobilized, with strengthened capacity to address self-defined needs

Activities will focus on enabling communities to identify, prioritize and address their needs by assuming greater responsibility for finding durable solutions to challenges facing those communities. Micro-projects to be implemented under this sector will be demand-driven and will require a minimum 25% community contribution. Activities include:

  • Participatory community appraisals
  • Formation of community groups
  • Training of communities and groups
  • Capacity building
  • Community-based micro project activities
Health Care

Intermediate Result 2.2
Communities organized & mobilized to manage more accessible & sustainable quality health care

The Health Care sector targets improved access to sustainable health care by the conflict-affected population. Current externally supported health activities that are identified as high priority/high impact will transition into locally run programs that are able to sustain themselves through local financing, user fees, or other cost recovery schemes. Program activities include:

  • Rehabilitate Primary Level Health Care Facilities
  • Organize & mobilize communities to participate in community health initiatives
  • Provide public Health Education
  • Train health care providers
  • Introduce cost recovery mechanisms
Social Investment Fund

Intermediate Result 2.3.
Rehabilitated community economic & social infrastructure through community organization & mobilization

Projects funded under this component will complement those activities being implemented under the World Bank supported Social Fund for Development of IDPs (SFDI) as well as other AHAP-supported programs.

MCI s Role - Value Added Service

As the umbrella grant manager, MCIs role is to ensure quality programming through a variety of activities:


Key to this activity is the dissemination of lessons learned and sharing details on important developments locally, regionally, and globally. Activities include publication of bulletins highlighting relevant websites, local initiatives in English and Azeri and production of sectoral overviews of local & international NGOs involved in the sector.


Core to this activity is the preparation of regional coordination mechanisms developed jointly by IPs and MCI. This regional approach creates greater opportunity for cross-sectoral synergy and capitalizes on existing programmatic expertise between IPs. MCIs coordination function also includes facilitation of meetings at Implementing Partner (IP) & sector wide levels meetings and sectoral and multi-sectoral cross visits.

Technical Assistance

Key to this activity is the organization of workshops on identified needs common to two or more IPs. Past examples include workshops on Adult Learning Principles, and Health Care. MCI also provides one-on-one counseling on request on topics such as monitoring & systems development as well as providing referrals to best practices.


Bi-monthly cross-sectoral visits are made on a regional basis to ensure synergy and excellence in programming.

Current AHAP


MCI Azerbaijan MCI Headquarter
37v, Suleyman St.,Baku, 
Azerbaijan 370007
3030 SW First Avenue,
Portland, Oregon 97201, USA
(994-12) 41-10-64 1 (503) 796-6800
(994-12) 41-10-65 1 (503) 796-6844

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