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 Program Resume - Center of Young Leaders Program Description (CYL)

 Duration: 31.10.1999 - present
 Location: Ganja
 Sectors: Community development

Center of Young Leader's as an educational institution, resource and coordinating center for NGOs was created in November 1999 in Ganja by group of young ecologists, students, and lawyers.

Mission: Improvement the state of the third sector in Ganja, civil society, civic initiatives, active participation of citizens in the processes of building the civil society, agitation of free market economy, democratic principles, creation the good atmosphere for the III sector in Western regions of Azerbaijan.

Our goals: Democratic, development of civil society.

Our strategy:

  • Establishment of information and consulting system;
  • Improvement civic initiative, learning a foreign experience;
  • Improvement political, public and economical education of citizens in the regions of Azerbaijan;
  • The educational activities, conducting seminars, workshops, training's, round table discussions about problems of country, especially youth problems;

Our partners: NGOs, initiative groups in country, and international organizations and persons who want democratic development of Azerbaijan and development of civil society in Azerbaijan.

Financial resources: grants and financial support of international organizations to our projects and programs realizing jointly programs.

Staff potential: The main wealth of Center of Young Leader's is its staff. The Center involves professional young's with knowledge of Western experience. English language, market economy. Several members of the Center were the participants of seminars and training's hold by NGOs. At the same time members of the Center took part in some international seminars. Foreign organizations acting in the region involve in their works Center's members. Three members of CYL was selected trainers of Foundation for Education for Democracy (Warsaw, Poland), others two members of organization was selected trainers of Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (USA) and the Association of IDP Women (Georgia) on "Networking Women in the Caucasus-1 and 2" Part-1 (Azerbaijan, Ganja March, 2001) and Part-2 (Tbilisi, Georgia March, 2001) also they was attended Training conducted by ISAR in May 2000 onWhat is an NGO, effective organizational structure, Strategic planing, proposal writing, fundraising and Public relations.

Activity: The Center carried out some programs and actions in Ganja city. These programs were ecological activity (cleaning of rubbish's and etc.). The realized aid to the little profit families.
CYL actively took part in the program named "Training's-Seminars for the activists in the regions" - the training's conducting by "Inam" CFP. According of this program 6 seminars were conducted in the three regions-Ganja, Lenkeran and Xachmaz, 2 seminars in during two days in each region. The members of CYL were the participants of this training's. With the own resources Center conduct the training's on the themes "Woman Leadership and Community Development". The members of CYL took part in the international seminars and workshops. For example, the "Training's for the women leadership in Caucasus" - the seminars conducting by IDEE/Washington in Tbilisi in Georgia "Training-seminars for the leaders of NGOs of Azerbaijan". CYL join Foundation Education for Democracy (Warsaw, Poland) implemented training-seminars for Leaders local NGOs in the city of Ganja. CYL has organized training-seminars for preparing of young observers in parliamentary elections. IFES supports this project. The members of CYL have participated in program called "Working Together - Network Women in the Caucasus" organized by institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (IDEE). Financial support for this program was from U.S. Department of State. Two members of our organization participated in the seminars in America and Poland by this program. For this program published the handbook and there was big role of our members in this work. Another role of our organization is that the CYL will curry out project together with Georgian partners after experience in Crimea One of the member of our organization participated in the training for trainers in USA DC which was provided by IDEE and American Federation of teachers and funded by State Department of USA. CYL won grant from IRC - UNCHR for IDP Youth and Community Development and successfully finished this work. CYL has organized training-seminars for 200 young people in the improving of public activities of youth in Ganja region. In the end of the program internet-courses will be organized for them. This project is supported by NED (National Endowment for Democracy USA)

Relations: The organizations which we have contacts and cooperation's:

  • "Inam" Center for Pluralism;
  • Association for Protection of Women's Rights of Azerbaijan named after Dilara Aliyeva;
  • Civic Initiate Center;
  • The National Democratic Foundation of Azerbaijan;
  • Economical Journalist's Organization;
  • Society for Humanitarian Research;
  • "Tomris" Women Organization;
  • Association of Journalists of Ganja;
  • IDEE (in Washington and Warsaw);
  • Foundation for Education for Democracy;
  • The Rebirth of Crimea;
  • International Committee of Rescue;
  • National Endowment for Democracy

June 2001

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