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 Program Resume - Center of Young Leaders (CYL)

 Duration: 31.10.1999 - present
 Location: Ganja
 Sectors: Community development

To increase the participation of a greater number of young people by training skills, in parliamentary elections and by encouraging them to pass their knowledge on. In this project we aim to train 20 young people in the 18-30 year age group so they are informed and ready to participate in parliamentary elections.

Our aims is to have these young people continue to participate and teach other young people in the future.

Tasks to achieve.

Laws of parliamentary elections.
Rights of voters.
Identifying electors / how to issue a vote/ how cast a valid vote.
How to keep a check list.
The role of srutineers.
The role of domestic and international observers.

In addition to publications about the benefits of parliamentary democracies we coil use the Parliamentary Electoral law and election manuals and checklist prepared by local and international organizations as recourses materials.

At the end of the process we will have group discussions to revise and test their knowledge of the issues discussed.

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