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 Program Resume - CYL - IDP Youth and Community Development (CYL)

 Duration: 31.10.2000 - present
 Location: Fizuli
 Sectors: Community development

CYL is going to carry out new project in Imishli and Fizuli. This project will last two months. Goals and objectives of the project are followings.


  • To increase the knowledge of the IDP youth about the public activities in the civil society as well as in the community in order to provide the full participation of youth in solution of community problems.
  • To increase the knowledge of Regional Community Groups members, including youth about the third sector that they will be able to form the sustainable community structure.


  • Two days training session on how to be active member of community, main principles of planning and how to be volunteer will bi conducer between 2000 youth in order to select the most active participants
  • Three days training sessions on leadership, the relation of ledgers and members and quality of leaders will be conducted for RCG members
  • Public activities will be strengthen systematically
  • Initiative Groups will be established with the purpose of solution of different problems
  • People will identify the purpose of formation of Local NGOs in the areas in the future.
  • Skills on-operation and communication will be created among the youth.

The topics of the session are followings:

  • You are public activist. Which problems is an important for you?
  • The main principles of Democracy
  • You are public activist. How can you solve the problems of your community?
  • The purpose of public activities.
  • How to conduct the meeting?
  • Main the principles of planning.
  • Course of Democratic Leadership;
  • Relation of Leaders and members
  • Quality of Leaders and members;
  • Organizing of Team Work;
  • Volunteers;
  • Planning;
  • What does it men "proposal";
  • How to write proposal;
  • Our Proposal Idea;
  • How to find fund;
  • Proposal analysis and etc.

To increase the participation of a greater number of young people by training skills, in parliamentary elections and by encouraging them to pass their knowledge on. In this project we aim to train 20 young people in the 18-30 year age group so they are informed and ready to participate in parliamentary elections.

Our aims is to have these young people continue to participate and teach other young people in the future.

Tasks to achieve.

  • Laws of parliamentary elections.
  • Rights of voters.
  • Identifying electors / how to issue a vote/ how cast a valid vote .
  • How to keep a checklist.
  • The role of domestic and international observers.

In addition to publications about the benefits of parliamentary democracies we coil use the Parliamentary Electoral law and election manuals and checklist prepared by local and international organizations as resources materials.

At the end of the process we will have group discussions to revise and test their knowledge of the issues discussed.

From 30th of June till 2-nt July CYL organized in Ganja training seminars for NGO-s. Training-seminars sponsored by "Foundation for Education for Democracy" Warsaw, Poland.Duration of training-seminars was 3 days. There were representatives from Baku, Khanlar, Agchabed, and from NGO-s. Trainers were from Ukraine: Ayder Seyitosman, Andriy Nichiporuk.

Tasks of the trainings.

  • Ideal leader-ideal subordinate.
  • Leadership. Style of leadership.
  • 3-sector in democratic society. Structure of civil society.
  • Cooperation of NGOs with local government, business, mass-media and political parties.
  • Planning. Declaration of aim.
  • Writing a project.
  • Ways of taking resolution.
  • Active listening.
  • How to work with funds.
  • Volunteers.
  • Tasks for volunteers.
  • How to lead meetings?

1.CYL is working on the educational program for Parliamentary Elections which will be in November 2000. The aim of the project is to educate and increase participation of a greater number of young people by trainings and seminars. This project sponsored by "International Foundation for Election Systems".

2.CYL organized in Ganja training-seminars for NGO leaders. Duration of trainings was 3 days. There were representatives from regions of Azerbaijan. Trainers were from Ukraine. Training-seminars sponsored by "Foundation for Education for Democracy"

November 2000

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