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 Program Resume - Monitoring of the Rehabilitation Activities in Azerbaijan (EUEXAPREHAB)

 Duration: 28.02.1999 - present
 Location: Agdam
 Sectors: Environment
Non-food relief aid
Water and sanitation

Fizuli Street 69, 370014, Baku, Azerbaijan
+994-12-951279, -958583, -956960
Contractor ECO
Team Leader Mr. Celal G. Alpman
Beneficiary Agency on Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Areas (ARRA)
Project start 1997


The aim is to assist in the management of the rehabilitiation programme in Azerbaijan funded by the European Union with 11.5 Mimage11.gif (901 bytes) which aims at improving the living conditions of the liberated areas next to Nagorny Karabakh (Fizuli and Agdam) that were extensively damaged during the war and to provide acceptable living standards for the people affected by the conflict.


  • Rehabilitation of Energy System
  • Rehabilitation of Water Supply System
  • Rehabilitation of Irrigation System
  • Rehabilitation of Railways
  • Rehabilitation of schools

Results & outgoing activities

  • Repair of the power supply, essential for the operation of other systems in 22 villages to an even higher standard than what had previously existed in Fizuli Region (completed).
  • Rehabilitation of the railway electricity and signal system between Dashburun and Horadiz Stations in order to facilitate the transport of people and equipment to the region (completed).
  • Repair and construction of irrigation boreholes and canals that were diverted and damaged during the conflict in Fizuli region (completed).
  • A new pumping station was built near Horadiz to provide water to the Maralarkh Canal which had dried out after the original water supply was cut off in Fizuli Region (completed).
  • Creation of 11 separate, independent water supply systems based on ground water in Fizuli region (completed).
  • Reconstruction of 11 secondary schools in the Agdam region (near completion)
  • Repair and reconstruction of 45 Irrigation boreholes in Agdam Region (near completion).
  • Repair and reconstruction of 35 Water Supply boreholes and water supply system in Agdam region (on going).
  • New Construction of 80 km 110kV HV ETL between Imishli and Agjebedi and extension of the 330/110 kV transformer sub-station at Imishli.


Upcoming events

  • Ceremony to officially open some of the reconstructed schools, irrigation and water supply systems on March 20, 1999, in Novruz Bayrami with attendance by high level representatives of European Embassies, European Commission and governmental institutions of Azerbaijan
  • Start of Phase III - Rehabilitation of Fizuli and Agdam Regions for which the European Commission has allocated 4.5 M (budget year 1998-99). The Financing Memorandum for this phase was signed on 19.01.1999 and the Implementing Agency (ARRA) is currently engaged with the preparation of the tender documents. It contains the following components:
Construction of 20.8 km of 110kV HVL (Highvoltage electric transmission line) from Boyuk Harami-Gozulchay-Shukurbeyli and 10.0 km HVL 35kV Shukurbeyli-Horadiz;
Construction of new sub-station 110/35/10 kV Shukurbeyli + installation of 1 transformer 25 mVA in Fizuli Region
Rehabilitation of Irrigation Pump Station Hindiristan in Agdam Region
Rehabilitation of 10 Schools in Fizuli Region

March 1999

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