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 Press release - Press Release (Saniya)

 Press release date: 13.04.2005



Humanitarian Informational Analytical Agency SANIYA

April 7 Humanitarian Information Analytical Agency "SANIYA" with support of Eurasia Foundation and USAID carried out a regional seminar - training in Agdash region for the representatives of youth on a theme: "Role of youth in improvement of economy and struggle with corruption, development youth anti corruption network ". At a seminar 25 representatives of youth of Agdash, students of economic faculty of Agdash Humanitarian College, local youth organization, representatives of the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism and Municipality participated.

The participants of a seminar - training have heard a theoretical rate and have carried out interactive discussions on themes: " That such corruption and its kinds "; " Freedom of a word and mass media - as the important tool in struggle with corruption "; " Role of a civil society in struggle with corruption"; "Transparency of financial and budget policy for a public "; " Legal regulation in sphere of corruption ". " Development youth network in struggle with corruption " etc.

Training course were lead by - Elchin Sardarov, Nazaket Gasanova, Dovlat Dovlatov and Shahin Mamedaga oglu. On a training there were the director of Azerbaijani representation of the international organization Eurasia Foundation Mr. Jamal Shahverdiyev, representative of Institute Sustainable Communities Ms. Stephanie Rust.

The participants of a seminar were informed on the State Programs, carried out in republics directed on social - economic development of regions, improvement of system of social protection, maintenance of employment of youth, struggle with corruption, Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About struggle with corruption ", activity of the created commission on struggle with corruption, Conventions of Council of Europe of Criminal Law and Civil law about corruption.

The participants of a seminar have noted importance of informing of youth and other groups of a society about local and international socially - economic programs, increase their legal awareness, by realization of public meetings of maintenance of a transparency and public involving in the decision of social and other problems at a regional and republican level. Was specified on necessity of realization of similar seminars in all regions of republic.

During spent interactive discussions and role games the participants have noted what to improve economy and to struggle with corruption it is possible only together. In this business the large role is played by a civil society. Only at an active civil position of various groups of a society, development of free press, fair judicial system it is possible to achieve successes in struggle with corruption for healthy economy and social progress.

At a seminar - training to the participants were given educational booklets with advices. In them is spoken:

- Each of us wishes to see of Azerbaijan blossoming, national economy advanced, its citizens healthy, educated, cultural, supplied by social and legal protection. For this purpose the creation of a legal society and desire of a society is necessary to change the life in the best party. To successful development of a national economy, the achievement of real democracy and freedom of the citizens alongside with other reasons is interfered by corruption.

- If you want to improve economy, to struggle with corruption, to protect our civil rights, successfully to study in average and higher educational institutions, to be arranged on work with a lawful way, to create business and in local conditions it to develop, in a healthy competition to win on tender, to select the competent and capable people in municipal and other structures to you it is necessary well to know the local and international laws.

- Behind the information on civil, social, economic and other rules of law address in social and legal organizations, legal services, mass media and libraries.

- Before to pay to the physical person or organization in cash sum for the rendered service familiarize with the normative acts and tariffs officially authorized by the state.

- For maintenance of a transparency of works state, not governmental and business of structures use the right on reception of the information about the programs, plans, decisions and activity of these organizations.

- The facts and discontent concerning corruption are necessary for informing to a State Commission on struggle with corruption independent anti corruption group.

Similar information - education work within the framework of the project supported by Eurasia Foundation and USAID also were carried out in Baku, Mingechevir and Ujar.

In Azerbaijan the law "About struggle with corruption" is accepted, the appropriate commission is created. Now it is a task of civil society. We - representatives of a society need by informing, legal education and public control to promote improvement of economy and struggle with corruption. In this issue we shall be active and are responsible for the future!

The contact person: Elchin Sardarov
Director of Humanitarian Informational Analytical Agency "SANIYA"
Web site:
Tel. (050) 317 38 25, 4 65 33 41

Humanitarian Agency "SANIYA" since 1994 year work in sphere raising civil society, social - environmental awareness of population by means of maintenance of various groups of a society by access to the information and resources, realization of sociological researches, trainings and consultations on management, PR, mobilization of potential, development of networks and social partnership. "SANIYA" is cofounder of Social Environmental Forum of Azerbaijan "SEFA", Civic Journalists Network, Migration NGO Network.
"SANIYA" produce a bulletins "SANIYA - Humanitarian news", "SANIYA - ECONEWS", published a book "Civil Society in the mirror of mass media" (OSI - Azerbaijan support), prepared films "Voice of Caspian see" (CEP support) and "Ecological Tourism in Shagdag National Park zone" (World Bank support) .

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