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 Press release - Experts of the Caspian Environment Programme determine "Priority Pollution Sources in the Caspian Sea" (UNDP CEP)

 Press release date: 03.12.2000

Programme Coordination Unit
Room 108, 3rd entrance
Government Building
40 Uzeir Hadjibeyov St.
Baku 370016, Azerbaijan
Tel.: +994 12 97 17 85
         +994 12 93 80 03
Fax: +994 12 97 17 86

Experts of the Caspian Environment Programme determine "Priority Pollution Sources in the Caspian Sea"

The Caspian Centre for Pollution Control (one of the 12 Caspian Environment Programme thematic centres) will hold a 2-day workshop in Baku on 5-6 December, attended by specialists from state environmental committees and research institutions from all 5 Caspian countries. The Azerbaijani NGOs engaged in pollution monitoring and information analysis are also invited to participate in the event.

The Caspian Centre for Pollution Control has been engaged for the past two and half years in investigating the sources of pollution of the sea and their causes. This effort is part of the overall CEP programme that should result in agreement by the 5 states on the means to jointly improve management of the Caspian environment.

The workshop will discuss the relative importance of the many pollution issues, including discharges to the sea of inadequately treated sewage, oily waste water, persistent pollutants such as metals, pesticides and radioactivity and lated environmental problems. The most appropriate means of controlling pollution will be discussed, not only waste treatment, but also the introduction of cleaner production technologies, which will lower the health risk. The analysis of causes and results of pollution will then be an important input to the overall analysis of the environmental management of the sea, development of the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis*, National Action Plans and Strategic Environmental Action Plans.

As part of the future collaboration in assessing and reducing pollution, the Pollution Control Centre proposed the establishment of a comprehensive set of reference laboratories, which will ensure that information is based on common standards. A short presentation will be made on their proposals, as well as a presentation of Ecotox (World Bank trust project) on the interim results of a study into the toxic effects of pollution on higher predators such as sturgeon, bony fish and seals.

Having identified the most important sources of pollution, CEP will recommend means to reduce them and will assist the states to agree on an integrated pollution reduction plan.

Contact persons:

Arne Yensen, the Caspian Environment Programme, CRTC for Pollution Control, Caspian Inspection Building, 3 Hudu Mamedov St., Baku, Azerbaijan
Phone / Fax: + (99412) 472788, 472788

Elina Farmanova, the Caspian Environment Programme, Programme Coordination Unit, Room 108, Government Building, 40 Uzeir Gadjibekov Street, Baku 370016 Azerbaijan,
Phone: + (99412) 97 17 85, 93 80 03
Fax: + (99412) 97 17 86

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