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 Press release - Training Program for Young Political Leaders in Baku (ReliableFuture)

 Press release date: 29.05.2005

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Council for Young Political Leadership:


Council for Young Political Leadership:
1. Council consist on 10 people;
2. 13 people from the US and 13 people from other countries to have an exchange;
3. Visiting the different government institutions;
4. Visiting different regions and alumni in the several states and regions of countries;
5. Support the alumni;
6. Learning the government institutions, see the government in action (from inside),
7. Selection of participants through the nominations by government, alumni, organizations in partnership, state governors, congress, corporate communities, different political parties;
8. Funded by US State Department as an annual grant (1.5 million $),
9. Average funds needed for bilateral program: 25.000$
10. The program is set up as to support the continuing dialogue with the people who was involved with the program before;
11. Average duration: 2 weeks;
12. Challenges: logistical issues, visa issues,
13. Delegates are the public diplomats of their countries and within the program they represent their countries in front of the people of the other country they are visiting.
14. Main elements of the program:
· Visiting government institutions;
· meeting with various organizations working in fields of lobbying, campaigning, political parties;
· meeting with NGOs, legal service providers, services to immigrants,
· regional programs: visiting the people in other states of US, meeting with governors, senators and other leaders there;
· cultural activities, enjoying outdoor activities;

15. Some more potential foundations: Eurasia, OSI-AF, US Embassy, NED, IFES
16. Expectations from hosting NGOs: to schedule the balance: political balance (meetings with majority and minority parties; national and regional and local levels; getting outside of capital city);
17. Some lectures, seminars, workshops, visiting universities;
18. Basically, this is the Forum for young people to share;


Council of Young Political Leaders:

1. organize the fellowship (volunteer involvement, internship) in the Council;

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