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 Press release - Press Release (Saniya)

 Press release date: 06.07.2005



Youth NGOs supported initiatives of creation regional anti corruption information network

On July, 6 at 15.00 Humanitarian Information Analytical Agency " SANIYA " at International Press Center holds a meeting with the public by results of the carried out program on Increase of knowledge and the responsibility of youth in sphere of struggle against the corruption supported by Eurasia Foundation and USAID.

At a meeting the information about lead in 3-õ regions information educational work, national and international legal documents in the field of anticorruption will be submitted, to a role of a civil society, mass-media, developments of youth networks for improvement of economy and to struggle against corruption.

This initiative was supported with the youth organizations, dealing with democratic and social education of youth. At the end of a meeting signing the joint memorandum of cooperation in sphere of anticorruption education of a society is planned

Representatives of the international organizations are invited to a meeting Fund Eurasia, Transparency International, World Learning, NDI, national NGOs Azerbaijan Young Lowers Union, Azerbaijan American Youth Social Society, International Public Center for Study of Local of Lore, "Sulh", regional representatives and press

Contact person:
Elchin Sardarov
Director of Humanitarian Informational Analytical Agency "SANIYA"

Mob. (050) 317 38 25


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