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 Press release - Supporting Youth Voting Activities (AAYSA)

 Press release date: 03.08.2005



Within the Azerbaijani-American Youth Social Association project titled "Supporting Youth Voting Activities" that is funding by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Baku and the Eurasia Foundation through USAID, Organization conducted 3 trainings.

As we know, Azerbaijani-American Youth Social Association already started the implementation of the project in the last 2 months which is funding be the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Baku and the Eurasia Foundation through USAID. Within the project Organization already conducted 3 trainings in Fizuli, Qusar and Lankaran districts with the local young people, especially with the local school-junior pupils and first year University students who will have a first voting experience in the upcoming parliamentary elections and with the active NGO and civil society representatives from Azerbaijan regions. Two days training involved 20 young people and youth representatives of local refugee and IDP communities from each noted region.

During the trainings the young participants educated on the topics such as: role and importance of election in strengthening the democracy and civil society, principles of election and rights of citizens, election process, opportunities of society and refugee-IDP youth on observing and controlling the election process, the problem of passiveness of refugee-IDP young voters in Azerbaijan and role of youth from these categories in this, legislative election and comments on rules of parliamentary elections.

To note out that in the second stage of the project are planning the conduction of the next 3 trainings in Barda, Agstafa and Zaqatala districts for the noted target group. After the completion of the trainings will be the selection process of the participants from the noted project venues to the summer camp in Shaki city where will be involved half of the training participants from each region. Those defined 10 youth participants from each noted target group and region of Azerbaijan will be selected according to their application forms and motivation letters. The participants of summer camp will be generally 60 better equipped and educated young people and refugee-IDP youth on the project topic from noted regions. Summer camp will be 3 days and during the camp the selected participants will be involved in building their Youth Parliament by practical actions and work. During the summer camp will be used a special voting modules which will create a condition for the young people and refugee-IDP youth to feel themselves as the active participants of political process during the pre- parliamentary election in the country and establish their own Youth Parliament for discussing and debating each other on the issues around the voting process for parliamentarians. Through the Youth Parliament the young participants of Summer Camp from different parts of Azerbaijan will be able to gather and work together by lobbing interest of their local youth communities through stimulating their active participation in the upcoming parliament elections by preparing alternative suggestions, legislation materials to the Parliament of Azerbaijan Republic.

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