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 Press release - Press Release (LRIC PU)

 Press release date: 30.11.2005


Legal Resource and Information Centre Public Union (LRIC PU)

Press release N: 001 Date: October 12, 2005

Dear friends and colleagues,
we are glad to inform you that new legal NGO created in Azerbaijan and passed the state registration by the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic-

Legal Resource and Information Centre Public Union (LRIC PU)

The official certificate on passing the state registration was issued by the Deputy Minister of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic - Mr.Togrul Musayev. During the meeting with the head of LRIC PU, Mr. Musayev mentioned that: "In the process of creation of the legal and democratic state we need qualified, professional and modern thinking lawyers. Having well trained and experienced young and enthusiastic lawyers, your organization is definitely capable to play a great role in the development of the lawyers' knowledge and skills. I believe LRIC PU will soon become an important centre in Azerbaijan for the lawyers, and the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic is always open for cooperation".

LRIC PU was initiated by Ruhiyya Isayeva , who later founded it together with other lawyers for the purpose to create an information and training centre for lawyers, law students and law professors, where they can learn, teach and share.

The primary goal of LRIC PU is to help develop the knowledge and skills of the lawyers.

Main objectives of LRIC PU: through public awareness projects to achieve the improvement of the legal thinking and legal culture in the society; through legal education projects achieve the development of the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of the lawyers, professional skills of advocates; through legal aid and representation projects provide assistance for the promotion and protection of human rights and freedoms.

Membership to LRIC PU: In accordance with the Article 10 of the NGO law and the Charter of LRIC PU, every natural and legal person in Azerbaijan Republic (except government and local self-administrative bodies) accepting the Charter, may become a member of the organization.

LRIC PU is open for membership, questions, comments and cooperation with any interested people and organizations via email or phone (994 50) 583 44 03.

Press Service of LRIC PU

Ms. R. Isayeva, the head of LRIC PU, is a practicing lawyer, member of the Collegium of Advocates of the Azerbaijan Republic since April 2005, member of the Expert Commission of the International Science Council on Human Rights created by the Institute of Human Rights of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Republic. Attended and successfully completed many seminars, trainings and summer schools on the legal topics, human rights, leadership and NGO management and at the moment is working on her PhD thesis being enrolled at the Institute of Human Rights of Azerbaijan. Ms. Isayeva has successful experience of managing for 5 ? years the legal resource and information centre of the international organization, operating in Azerbaijan, for which received a Service Award in appreciation for dedicated service. Ms. Isayeva has conducted and lectured at many training sessions on Labor law, Legal Research, Public Advocacy, etc.

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