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 Press release - Press Release (ICRC)

 Press release date: 24.01.2006

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20 January 2006

ICRC supports prevention and control of TB and HIV/AIDS

Baku (ICRC) - An international workshop has taken place to encourage collaboration between prisons and public health services for the prevention and control of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

The international workshop on "The prevention and control of tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS in prisons and opportunities for collaboration between government health services" was jointly organized by the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan and the ICRC. Seventy representatives from the prison and public health sectors, international and non-governmental organizations attended the workshop from 17 to 19 January at Baku's Park Inn Hotel.

The Deputy Minister of Justice, Vilayat Zahirov, and the ICRC Medical Coordinator for Health in Prisons, Dr. Hernan Reyes, participated in the workshop. Experts from Belgium, Georgia, Russia, Switzerland, and Ukraine gave lectures and recommendations.

The workshop was designed to contribute to a better understanding and dialogue between concerned institutions leading to improved effectiveness and coordination between the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health in the prevention and control of TB and HIV/AIDS within the penitentiary system. The event gave participants an opportunity to share experiences on the integration of prison and public health services with a specific focus on programmes concerning TB and HIV/AIDS in the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union.

Working in war zones across the globe has given the ICRC extensive knowledge of medical care for detainees.


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