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 Press release - Press Release (CYL)

 Press release date: 21.02.2006



"Young Leaders" Education Training and Development Public Union

Press Release #1 2.6.2006

Since January 2006 the "Young Leaders" Education Training and Development Public Union's (previous AYLA) began to continue project Woman Rehabilitation Centre (WRC). The goal of this project is to provide assistance to women in the Ganja area in solving their problems and in taking active roles in society. The following objectives will be implemented within this project:

1. Free English, Accounting and Computer courses
2. Hot line
3. Free consultations with a gynecologist, psychologist, and lawyer
4. Conducting trainings
5. Services and rehabilitation of children
6. Spreading brochures and booklets
7. Providing needy persons with remedies and condoms
8. Gathering a database of the implemented activities, etc.
To educate and inform women about important issues for them, different trainings will be held in the next stages. WRC also enlarges its activity with children's homes and maternity welfare clinics in the Ganja area. Anyone who needs the services described above can apply to the following address:

Woman Rehabilitation Center, Israfil Mammadov Street 55, Ganja, Azerbaijan
Hot line: (22) 52 16 37
Email: or

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