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 Press release date: 04.12.2006




NOVEMBER 30, 2006
Contact: Anar Ahmadov, CRRC director (994 12) 493 66 18

Caucasus Research Resource Centers Releases 2006 Survey Results

Baku, Azerbaijan - The Caucasus Research Resource Centers-Azerbaijan released the results of the 2006 Data Initiative Survey today. The regional survey is carried out across the South Caucasus and interviews over 6,000 households, asking over 120 questions. The survey assesses knowledge, attitudes and practices in all three South Caucasus countries - Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and paints an intriguing picture of behavior over time. Additionally, 2006 marks a watershed year for CRRC. Now in its third year, the Data Initiative has been expanded to all regions of the South Caucasus.

The Data Initiative raises a host of fascinating questions that suggest further sociological and journalistic investigation. For example, CRRC data shows that those who attend religious services are less likely to perceive their household economic condition as poor. The data also reveals that Azerbaijanis are, in general, less informed about public health issues than Armenians or Georgians.

The survey results also provide key indicators on economic development. Encouragingly, the data shows that education and professional abilities are now playing the most important role in getting a good job compared to connections and money. For instance, in Azerbaijan 48% of respondents mentioned education as important to getting job, while only 33% mentioned connections.

The Data Initiative also shows interesting developments in Azerbaijani political participation. For example, between 2005 and 2006 in Baku there was decreased interest in politics; the number of those either somewhat or very interested in politics declined by almost ten percent.

The Data Initiative Survey contains blocks of questions on demography, education, political attitudes/views, social institutions, migration, crime, health and economic behavior. "The Data Initiative will improve the quality and availability of up-to-date data in the region," states Dr. Hans Gutbrod, CRRC Regional Director. "Ultimately, the CRRC data sets will enable local, regional and international social scientists and policy practitioners to collaborate and engage in meaningful dialogue about the ongoing transitions in the South Caucasus."


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