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 Press release - Anti-trafficking trainings for police (AYLU)

 Press release date: 30.07.2007

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Azərbaycan Gənc Hüquqşünaslar Birliyi (AGHB) carı ilin Mart ayının 30 və 31-də Bakıda, İrşad otleinin konfrans zalında İnsan alverinə qarşı mübarizəyə həsr olunmuş 2 günlük təlim keçirmişdir



Press release


Anti-trafficking trainings for police by AYLU


Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union is continuing successful implementation of the project on trainings for law enforcement on Struggling against human trafficking; cooperation between governmental and civil society organization within the programme of CRS in the South Caucasus on enhancing the collaboration between civil society and gvoernmental bodies on struggling against human trafficking.


The next 2 trainings üere being conducted in July 24-25 in Gandja and July 28-29 in Guba citiesş The participants of the training were consisted from the representatives of the city Polis Departments, NGOs and media representatives. The trainings were led by the trainers Asif Ismayilov (chairman of AYAFE) and Oksana Azimova (Head of Gender department of AYLU).


During the 2 days training the following topics were been delivered to participants in way of lecturing and practical group works, brainstorming, role games and case studies;

-          phases of the human trafficking and how to strugglle, international and national legal standards for struggling against human trafficking, exploatation, identification and support of the victims of human trafficking and other related topics.

AYLU has conducted police trainings in Baku, Lenkoran, Gandja and Guba during the implementation of the project.


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