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 Press release - Press Release (AYLU)

 Press release date: 14.04.2002

On April 13, 2002 a round table with the participation of law-related, human rights NGOs, young lawyers and the quests from the British East-West Centre has been held in AYLU office.

The meeting has been held as a part of the project, entitled Promoting ECHR Compliance and the New Generation of Lawyers in the South Caucasus that implementing by British East-West Centre. Co-coordinator of the project is Fiona McLean. The specific objectives of the project are to:

- Identify training and advice needs of the Young Lawyers Associations (YLA),

- Provide training and advice which will strengthen the capacity of YLAs in two key areas:

Organization and Management; legal skills and techniques.

- enable YLAs to fulfill their potential as the upcoming generation of legal professionals (capable of promoting ECHR compliance)

- Create an active regional network of YLAs to enable them to cooperate and coordinate efforts to promote ECHR compliance cross-border and inter-regionally.

During the first stage of the project we are carrying out needs assessments in each of the three countries (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan).

With this aim BEWC representatives met in Baku and the regions with more that 50 NGOs, governmental and INGOs representatives.

At the round-table in AYLU office the coordinator of BEWC James McGeever made a speech about NGO situation in Azerbaijan, collaboration perspectives and answered to the questions of NGOs representatives. The legal expert of the project Andy Unger told about legal aspects of the project and general situation on ECHR teaching in Azerbaijan. He emphasized that they are indenting to select two persons for participation in training in London on European System of Human Rights Protection. They said that the requirements for two persons that will be selected are:

- NGO member

- Fluency in English

- Trainer skills

- Legal skills

At the meeting were participated AYLU leaders, NGOs representatives from Independent Law Center, Azerbaijan Lawyers Union, Azerbaijan Lawyers Association, Law Enlightenment Society, Women Lawyers for legal reform Society, Lawyers of 21st century, Society for Humanitarian Researches, Bureau for Human Rights and Law respect, Azerbaijan women rights protection society named by D.Alieva, Democracy and Human Rights Committee, NNGO Forum etc.

Contact person:

Guldiyar Asadova

Azerbaijan Young Lawyers' Union
370010, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
Dilara Alieva str., 251
tel/fax: (99412) 98 88 04,

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