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 Press release - International Youth Employment Summit (BF)

 Press release date: 12.06.2002

Samir Tagiyev from Azerbaijan has been awarded grant to participate in a major, international summit on youth unemployment in fall. He is vice-chair of Bridge to the Future Youth Union Awarded Grant to Participate in International Youth Employment Summit -2002 in Alexandria, Egypt.

Mr.Samir will be one of some 1,500 youth leaders, government officials, scholars, and development officials from more than 100 countries who will participate in the Youth Employment Summit (YES) from Sept. 7 to 11 at the Library of Alexandria. We are very pleased to award the grant to Mr. Samir Tagiyev. We are confident that his passion and leadership abilities will serve the summit and the youth in his country well," said Poonam Ahluwalia, YES director. The award will fund registration and all expenses related to the summit.
"The Youth Employment Summit," she said, "will provide a unique venue for young leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to work collaboratively with policymakers and researchers to create innovative, long term solutions to the critical problem of youth unemployment." The goal of the summit -- YES 2002 -- is to develop and promote programs and policies which will create sustainable employment for young adults.
"There are some one billion youth in the world today - 85 percent of whom live in developing countries where they have few skills and even fewer opportunities for productive work," Ahluwalia said. Without meaningful employment and career opportunities, the thwarted expectations of youth create a breeding ground for poverty, disease, crime, violence and civil unrest, undermining political stability, international security and the effectiveness of capital investment," she said. "While the summit won't solve all the world's problems in five days, we believe it will be the single largest attempt ever to bring youth from around the world and government leaders together to launch a carefully planned strategy to deal pro-actively with the cancer of youth unemployment," she said.The summit will be hosted by the Arab Republic of Egypt.

"Bridge to the Future"(BF) is an independent youth NGO, which was established in April of 2000, in order to be a "bridge" for young people to the society, where the humanism, solidarity and co-operation are dominating. BF implements various projects for youth (Training Courses, language courses, workshops, work camps, talk-shows, debates). One of the main goals of BF is to provide education among young people prepare them and for future job opportunities by involving experts, youth leaders from NGOs, universities, educational centers. Since BF established we keep contacts with various youth NGOs in Azerbaijan and abroad.

Ganja, June 13, 2002

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