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 Press release - EF Awards More Than $150,000 In New Grants For Azerbaijan (EF)

 Press release date: 08.07.2002


Baku, Azerbaijan (July 1, 2002) - The Advisory Board of the Eurasia Foundation's Azerbaijan office approved five grants totaling $158,791 to promote private enterprise and civil society development in Azerbaijan.

"Irshad-I.A.M." Joint Venture ($34,517)
To support development of the hotel industry as an essential component of the domestic tourism sector and a promising area for SME growth and job creation. The grant will stimulate discussion among stakeholders - private companies, the government and the newly-formed Tourism Association - to identify problems facing the sector and develop a tourism strategy for the country. Other activities include training for 30 managers of motels, hotels, tourism complexes and companies across Azerbaijan and creation of on-line informational support for the sector.

Ganja Agribusiness Association ($34,987)
To support agribusiness development in a promising agricultural sector - walnut and hazelnut production - in three key production regions: Sheki, Gabala and Oghuz with the aim of improving quality standards and marketing practices so that nut growers may establish beneficial business contracts with domestic and foreign buyers. This project builds on an earlier grant to three adjacent regions of the NW and will support training in association building and consultations in product quality assurance for 60 members of the domestic nut growers association. It will include a study tour to the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and association of hazelnut producers, development of a sectorial strategy with the help of a US business consultant, and conclude with a regional trade fair for nut products.

"Fovgal" Association of Specialists on Emergency Situation and Security of Human Life ($34,904)
To support the introduction of a system of emergency preparedness for schools, technical institutes and universities in Azerbaijan so that current students and teachers, and future citizens, will be prepared to face natural disasters and other emergencies. The project includes development of an academic curricula with texts and teacher training; a series of inter-school competitions to provide practical exercises, and creation of a network of resource centers to support schools in case of emergencies.

Union of Independent Teachers of Azerbaijan ($33,068)
To support educational reform in elementary schools and grassroots democratic initiatives by involving parents and communities in school administration and academic processes. The grant will provide training for parents at pilot schools; a series of TV programs for parents and teachers; creation of a "mini-library" resource center for parents, and establishment of parents' associations.

Junior Achievement Azerbaijan ($21,315)
To support development of a practical, market-based curriculum which has been piloted in 20 high schools in the Baku area and is in the process of receiving official approval as an elective course for use throughout Azerbaijan. This grant will provide training for the 20 existing schools and allow expansion into ten new schools in Lenkoran, Mingechevir and Ganja.

About the Eurasia Foundation

Privately managed with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development and other sponsors, we have made more than 6,000 grants totaling approximately $116 million in 12 countries of the former Soviet Union since 1993. In Azerbaijan, we support local initiatives in civil society and private enterprise and have awarded more than $3 million in grants.

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