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 Press release - Role of youth in Community Development (BF)

 Press release date: 07.08.2002

International project
"Role of youth in community development"
Ganja, Azerbaijan, 16 - 27 July 2002

Why does the "Bridge to the Future" Youth Union organize this activity?

Last years there are some noticeable progresses in youth participation in the life of society of Azerbaijan. Today there are more then 300 Youth NGOs in Azerbaijan. But unfortunately mostly function of these NGOs is focused only in the capital. In most of the regions there is no even one youth NGO.

Today in the western region of Azerbaijan there work very few youth NGOs. The work of some of them is really unnoticeable. One of the objective reasons for that is absence of active young people. From the other hand existence of several universities in this region makes a positive influence to getting organized young people. Potential of these youngsters is very important for getting active, organized young people of this region, to establish strong youth organizations.

During our activities we observed that youth has great interest on organizing and desire to work in different fields in their community. We share our experience and knowledge in order to help them. But this is not enough for the organizing and social activism of youth in the region. Taking into consideration importance of all above-mentioned problems our organization decided to carry out "Role of Youth in Community Development" international project with support of Open Society Institution - Assistance Foundation.

As mentioned above the project has international and scale we had participants from following countries as well: Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lithuania and France. Local participants were from various regions of Azerbaijan, like Baku, Mingechevire and Ganja.

The project consists of 2 parts:

In the first part (16 - 21 July 2002, Ganja) local and international participants had training of trainers, getting skills and knowledge on working with young people in the region.

In the second part (23 - 24 July, 2002, Shamkir, Kazakh and Tovuz) of the project it was considered to have two day training course for non - organized youngsters in 3 towns in western region of Azerbaijan: Shamkir, Kazakh and Tovuz. After 5 day training courses all the participants - trainers, as they are already experienced people in youth field, split into 3 groups. Each group was supposed to conduct training in one town. During these courses local youngsters in the regions had an opportunity to learn from the experience of those, who are doing successfully in the youth field on international and local level for several years. They had an opportunity to get knowledge during the training on the following topics: working in the group, team building, creating youth NGOs, Identifying the problem of young people and working toward solution of these problems, benefits of being organized in solving the problem, Leadership, Youth policy in Azerbaijan and in Europe, what is a project, how to write project and fundraising to realization of the project.

Except the training youngsters had an opportunity on non - formal situation to learn from the experience of the trainers. Totally 60 young people in 3 towns - Shamkir, Kazakh and Tovuz were the beneficiaries of two day training course.

In the end of the project local and international participants left for Kedabekh (25 - 27 July, 2002) for the evaluation of whole the project.

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