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 Press release - AYLU Press Release (AYLU)

 Press release date: 01.07.2000

Dear friends,
we inform you that Azerbaijan Young Lawyers' Union in 30 June 2000 had finished the project "Legal enlightement of youth against illegal migration" which sponsored by International Organization for Migration (IOM) and "Hayat" Humanitarian Organization.

Concrete Task of the Project:
If we consider that Azerbaijan is a joining point of Europe and Asia and also a transportation mean between those parts of the world, we can see a level of influence of the territorial factor to the process of joining of the major part of the population to the illegal migration.
In Azerbaijan the migration is mostly interesting for young people. To this end we should prevent the dangerous process of illegal migration by increasing our methods of struggle. We should also strengthen a legal enlightment aimed at to transfer tendencies to illegal migration to tendencies to legal one.
Thus, with the help of legal enlightment we made our youth aware of undesirable results of illegal migration and legal responsibility. As the part of the project AYLU held the seminars and conference on illegal migration problems in Baku and Khachmaz region and published three books "Legal Ways of Migration","What is a Labour Migration", "Criminal Responsibilities and Illegal Migration".

Territory of implementation of the project:
1) Baku
2) Khachmaz
Beneficiants of the project
The project completely devoted to the youth.
During the implementation of the project young people were increased their knowledge about migration and legal responsibilities caused by illegal migration. During the period of the implementation of the project the youth in Baku and Khachmaz were invited to attend seminars devoted to migration and legal enlightment. During the implementation of the project a conference was hold with the participation of young beneficiants and NGOs dealing with migration. At the conference a presentation of the project  also was hold with the participation of donors. As a result of that project ,our youth developed their legal thoughts about migration.

Ramil Iskenderov
Public Relations coordinator

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